Top 10 Entertainment: Coffee with Slingbox


Our 10 most watched programs of the week on Slingbox, non-sports edition, were as follows. Check after the list for a few quick thoughts on this week’s most watched home entertainment:

1. Big Brother
2. Today
3. The Bachelorette
4. El Senor de los Cielos
5. The Big Bang Theory
6. ABC News Good Morning America
7. Power
8. The Young and the Restless
9. America’s Got Talent
10. Pretty Little Liars

The season finale of The Bachelorette is on tonight at 8PM PT. This season has been full of drama, tears, anger, and even controversy. Make sure you catch who Kaitlyn gives her very last rose to tonight. Not only has the drama been intensifying in The Bachelorette, but the so called “Game” has been heating up in the Big Brother house as well. After being trapped in a house for 40 days now without any outside interactions, the contestant’s true colors have been starting to show.

Good to see you back, El Senor de los Cielos! It has only been a week since we last saw, but it is so rare that we do not see El Senor de los Cielos on our top 10 list every week. Also, Slingbox would like to welcome ABC’s Good Morning America. There is no better start to anyone’s morning than coffee, toast, and Slingbox while watching Good Morning America at the comfort of your home or away on a business trip.

Be back Wednesday with the Top 10 Sports.

Stretch the cord, don’t cut it: how your cable subscription is still relevant


Streaming media is becoming a large part in consumers’ TV viewing habits and while a main mission of ours is to provide TV on-the-go, we also want to let you know that cord cutting isn’t for everyone. We believe there is still life for your cable subscription; all you have to do is extend the experience further than your living room.

Who else is backing our train of thought? Well, the cable companies of course! On July 26, a group of broadcasters and cable networks launched a campaign targeted toward building awareness for their TV Everywhere platforms, a viewing experience offered by TV service providers through websites and apps.  Consumers easily caught on to streaming services, but the cable industry hasn’t seen the same love when it comes to their mobile viewing options. To resolve the issue, the new campaign will blanket social media, TV screens and webpages to encourage consumers to start watching their cable subscriptions on-the-go.

The good news for the cable companies is that the amount of videos played on TV Everywhere platforms increased nearly 300 percent, according to a study performed by Adobe. But the issue for consumers lies in the fact that these platforms aren’t always giving you everything you’re paying for. According to the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing in a recent article on Reuters, not all networks are available on all devices through TV Everywhere platforms.

That’s where Slingbox comes in. We help you make the most of what you’re already paying for by providing 100 percent of the TV programming you get through your cable subscription, anywhere you want from any mobile device.  Slingbox also works with popular “streamer” devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Google Chromecast so that you can watch your live TV and DVR content on a large screen TV while you’re on the road.

We are a society that is always on-the-go, but we also love catching our favorite TV shows, home team games and local programming. These are the types of things that connect us and make the world go round – but how do you get the best of both worlds?  The current TV ecosystem places restrictions on consumers regarding how, when and where content is viewed, but we believe everyone should be empowered to connect in real-time to the video content that makes them happy.

While cutting the cord is a cultural phenomenon, there is still value in traditional cable subscriptions, as long as you aren’t feeling limited or tied down by your service. For those of you who still have cable, join us in extending the TV experience and bringing new life to your current entertainment packages.

Top 10 Sports: Copa Oro 2015 Semifinals today. Can the U.S. win the Gold Cup two years in a row?


Your 10 most watched programs of the week on Slingbox, sports edition, were as follows. Check after the list for a few quick thoughts on this week’s most watched sports:

1. Copa Oro 2015
2. PGA Tour Golf
3. MLB: Cardinals at Pirates
4. SportsCenter
5. Futbol Central
6. UFC Fight Night
7. 2015 Tour de France
8. NBA Summer League Basketball
9. MLB: Yankees at Red Sox
10. MLB: Blue Jays at Royals

The semifinals of the Copa Oro 2015 will be played today against the 4 strongest teams. The United States will face off against Jamaica followed by Panama against Mexico. The winner of these games will play for the Gold Cup this Sunday the 26th, while the losers will fight for 3rd place on Saturday. Can U.S., the reigning champs, win another Gold Cup this year? Watch today’s game on your Slingbox at 3:00pm to find out if they can advance to the Finals.

The MLB has been very popular this past week as Slingbox users watched three extremely close games unfold on Sunday. The Pirates defeated the Cardinals 6 to 5, the Yankees won against the Red Sox 8 to 6, and the Royals upset the Blue Jays 11 to 10. UFC Fight Night and PGA Tour Golf continue to show up on our top 10 sports list, and the 2015 Tour de France is 17 stages into the race. 2 hours ago, Simon Geschke won stage 17, fighting off his rivals in the first of the Alps stage. With 4 stages left, catch the rest of the Tour de France before it is too late.

We’ll be back next week with another set of top 10s.

Top 10 Entertainment: Welcoming the new shows on the top 10 block.

Our 10 most watched programs of the week on Slingbox, non-sports edition, were as follows. Check after the list for a few quick thoughts on this week’s most watched home entertainment:

1. Big Brother
2. American Ninja Warrior
3. Beachfront Bargain Hunt
4. Teen Titans Go!
5. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
6. Power
7. Naked and Afraid
8. The Last Ship
9. Spongebob Squarepants
10. Celebrity Family Feud

As Big Brother continues to lead the top 10 list for entertainment; American Ninja Warrior battled their way from 10th to 2nd place this past week. Last Tuesday, the top american ninjas from Venice, California competed in the Finals to advance into the National Finals. The entertaining battle for a spot in the Nationals was a huge hit among Slingbox viewers.

There are a lot of new shows this week that have made their first appearance on the top 10 list. Beachfront Bargain Hunt, Power, The Last Ship, and Celebrity Family Feud are among those shows that have been growing in popularity. Beachfront Bargain Hunt is an HGTV series that follows ordinary families looking for a house on the beach while on a budget. Power, on the other hand, is a Starz TV series about an elite New York night club owner who has an alter ego as a drug kingpin. As the second season comes to an end, the show has been increasing with drama. The Last Ship is a post-apocalyptic TNT drama series that began their second season late June. Celebrity Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey is a famous game show where celebrities and their families compete for a chance to win $50,000 to donate to their charity of choice. It is refreshing to witness a new batch of shows joining the top 10 list this past week, and we look forward to see what our Slingbox users will be watching next week.

Stay tuned for a Top 10 Sports blog on Wednesday.

Sling Media Announces New Slingbox M2 with Free Mobile Apps


The New Slingbox M2: Our Next Generation TV Bundle is Here

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our Slingbox M2, a new entertainment experience made to keep up with the ongoing changes in how we watch TV. With the average household having at least five connected devices, according to a recent Ericsson Mobility Report, we are here to elevate your mobile experience by giving you the ability to view at-home TV content from all of you mobile platforms, including personal computers, tablets and smartphones. The Slingbox M2 provides uncompromised access to the shows you love, whether live or recorded, anywhere you want – still with No Monthly Fees!

The design of this new bundle was created with your feedback from the M1 in mind. Here are a few of the key, upgraded features you’ll find:

  • Free App Downloads: Our largest response from the M1 was the price-per-app download, so we’ve removed this barrier by offering unlimited free Slingplayer app downloads on any device. Now you can view what you’re paying for at home from anywhere in the world –without added fees!
  • Simple Setup: We also heard our customers when you said setup can be challenging. The Slingbox M2 comes with a complimentary live video setup service to make installation and use that much easier.
  • Free App Upgrades: Our Slingplayer app will include free upgrades for the lifecycle of all new Slingbox models and later this year, we will release enhancements to make the app easier to use, including improvements to video quality and a gallery viewing mode for iPhone and Android phones.

The Slingbox M2 suggested retail price (MSRP) is $199.99 and is available immediately for purchase at leading retailers including Best Buy and Amazon Marketplace, as well as at


Top 10 most watched of the week (sports): Copa Oro Gold Cup slide tackles its way to the top of our list

Your 10 most watched programs of the week on Slingbox, sports edition, were as follows. Check after the list for a few quick thoughts on this week’s most watched sports:

1. Copa Oro 2015
2. 2015 Wimbledon Championship
3. Sports Center
4. MLB Baseball
5. 2015 Tour de France
6. NBA Summer League Basketball
7. PGA Tour Golf
8. MLB: Cardinals at Cubs
9. NASCAR Racing
10. 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup

The 2015 Copa Oro Gold Cup is a soccer competition that occurs every 2 years. The Gold Cup is taking place in the United States this year, featuring the highest level players from across the confederation. The United States are the defending champions, and are also leading their Group with 2 wins and 0 losses. The Copa Oro draws millions of television viewers across the world, and the Quarter finals begin July 18th. Who will be watching this on their Slingbox?

The 2015 Wimbedon Championship has come to a close. Serena Williams defeated Muguruza 6-4, 6-4 in the Women’s singles final while Djokovic beat Federer 7-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-3 in the men’s final. Both were outstanding matches, and congratulations to the winners. Good news basketball fans! The NBA Summer League has officially started, and all of the young rookies and future prospects are playing their hearts out. If they perform well in the summer league, there is a strong chance that they will be brought up to play with the NBA team this coming year. 1st round picks Karl Towns, D’Angelo Russell, and Jahlil Okafor have been playing extremely well in their new teams, and it will be interesting to see what happens to them in the future.

We’ll be back next week with another set of top 10s.

Top 10 most watched of the week (Entertainment): American Ninja Warrior hurtles its way to our top 10 list.

Our 10 most watched programs of the week on Slingbox, non-sports edition, were as follows. Check after the list for a few quick thoughts on this week’s most watched home entertainment:

1. Big Brother
2. Today
3. The Bachelorette
4. The Young and the Restless
5. Teen Titans Go!
6. El Senor de los Cielos
7. The Big Bang Theory
8. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
9. Spongebob Squarepants
10. American Ninja Warrior

They did it again. Big Brother leads the top 10 entertainment list for the second week in a row. With 2 contestants already evicted, the drama ensues in this exciting day to day reality show. Big Brother continues Wednesday at 8pm PT. Which TV show will step up to the plate to dethrone the current leader of our list?

NBC and Esquire Network’s American Ninja Warrior has finally made our top ten list. This popular game show challenges people to their physical limits by racing through a near impossible obstacle course.  This competition gathers people from all major cities across the country. One must complete the city’s qualifying course to move onto the city’s final round. If they can overcome both rounds, the contestant will compete in the national final round in Las Vegas where they have a chance to win the grand prize of $1,000,000. Catch American Ninja Warrior every Tuesday at 8PM PT.

We’ll be back Wednesday with our sports top 10.