Slingbox 350 Launches in Brazil

eMarketer statistics on Brazil's Internet usage based on sports interestsSling Media launched the Slingbox 350 in Brazil today, with positive reception from local media and tech enthusiasts. Why Brazil?  A few reasons:

First, Brazil is online. According to Internet World Stats, out of the 199 million people who populate the country, 46 percent are surfing the Web, making it the largest market for Internet usage among all Latin American countries. eMarketer suggests that this percentage will continue to grow over the next few years.

Second, the mobile phone industry in Brazil has experienced significant growth. Back in 2011, Brazil had more mobile Internet users than fixed broadband users, according to eMarketer. The organization also predicted that by 2015, 69 percent of the population will have a mobile phone.

Graffiti in Brazil for 350 launchThird, Brazilians are driven to the Internet by their intense passion for sports. Online videos and updated sports news are important to them (see chart above). Now that the Slingbox 350 is available in Brazil, TV accessibility is expected to become a priority to avid sports fans as the World Cup, coming in June 2014, and the 2016 Summer Olympics will increase the demand for an affordable, high-quality “TV Anywhere” solution.

Stay tuned for news on future global launches.