5 Tech Items for Black Friday Camping

People camping outside of Best Buy waiting for Black Friday

If you’re giving up Thanksgiving dinner to camp out in front of Best Buy, or another retail store, for that Black Friday bargain, there’s no denying it – you’re hardcore.

Assuming you’ll have the usual gear with you (tent, sleeping bag, lawn chair, mobile device), here are a few other items that you might not think to bring with you but will be glad you did:

(1)    HeatMax Hand & Body Warmer
Stick them in your mittens, your coat pocket or your slippers – anywhere to keep yourself warm.

(2)    UCO Arka LED Rechargeable Lantern
Need a light – and a battery to recharge your smartphone or tablet? The Arca does both. You’ll never be left in the dark or without access to your Facebook page.

(3)    3M MP 225A Mobile Projector
Make it movie night! Connect this device to your smartphone or tablet and project content onto a blank wall.

(4)    MiFi
A MiFi  is your own personal hotspot for those who must always be online no matter where their travels take them. Visit your mobile carrier for various brands and plans.

(5)    SlingPlayer for your iOS or Android device
You’re sacrificing a Thanksgiving meal. But what about all the TV you’ll be giving up? Don’t risk boredom. With a Slingbox connected at home and the SlingPlayer app on your mobile device, you can access all your TV channels and watch the live parades, college football bowls or classic old movies, right from the comfort of your…tent.

Got any other suggestions?