New SlingPlayer Apps: iPad, Roku, Windows 8.1

Today, Sling Media announced new SlingPlayer apps that will extend your living room TV to popular devices and enhance your TV-watching experience in more ways than one.

  • SlingPlayer 3.0 Gallery on iPadSlingPlayer for iPad
    New and improved SlingPlayer for iPad is a second-screen app that transforms your iPad into the first screen. You can still watch all of your TV channels on your iPad, but this free upgrade takes that a step further by providing tools that will help you (1) discover new TV programs, (2) look up sports stats as you’re watching the game, (3) post comments on social media, (4) use it as a remote control, inside or outside the home and, while engaging in these activities, (5) watch your TV program with a split-screen window.
  • SlingPlayer for Roku UISlingPlayer Channel for Roku
    After much anticipation, SlingPlayer is now available for Roku streaming devices. With SlingPlayer on their iPhone or Android smartphone, Slingbox customers can watch their live or recorded TV programs on another Roku-connected TV — whether it’s in another room in your house or at your vacation condo in the mountains – in order to take advantage of the big screen without paying for an additional cable or satellite subscription. Also, SlingPlayer for iPhone and SlingPlayer for Android Phones function with Roku as a remote control that will help you navigate live and recorded TV programs from your Slingbox. Phone commands allow users to control their TV — change channels, access the guide, schedule the DVR, etc. — as if they were sitting in their living room with the actual remote control.
  • SlingPlayer for Windows 8.1
    Anticipated for a December launch, SlingPlayer will be optimized across various Windows 8.1 devices, including the Surface tablet, desktop and laptop PCs, as well as convertible devices.

Visit our website for more information on each of these new SlingPlayer versions. Which one will you use the most?

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