Big Thanks to Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon social media team for Sling Media projectOver the past few months, the Sling Media marketing team has been working with a trans-disciplinary group of graduate students from Carnegie Mellon University on our social media presence. They took a deep-dive into the company, as well as the industry, to come up with applicable recommendations and innovative ideas that we’re excited to put into place.

Since the final presentation has been given and the semester is coming to a close, we just wanted to send a shout-out to our Carnegie Mellon team members and their professor, Ari Lightman, and to thank them for a job well done. We’d do it all over again!

(Photo above, left to right: Chhaya Pandey, Rahul Singh, Jie Chen, Ari Lightman, Mark Maisenbacher (Sling), Nithin Anantharamakrishnan, Tim Kelly and Bhavik Shah.)