SlingPlayer for Windows 8 Now Available

Windows 8 menu with SlingPlayer appSince the arrival of Windows 8 (now Windows 8.1), Slingbox customers have been asking for an app that can be used on their Windows 8 tablets, convertibles, laptops and desktop computers. Sling Media is pleased to announce that the SlingPlayer for Windows 8 app* is now available in the Windows 8 App Store.

Windows 8 tablet, convertible and PC owners can test-drive the app for free for 24 hours. If they decide to purchase, the app is $14.99, similar to other versions of the SlingPlayer app.

SlingPlayer for Windows 8 galleryWhile customers with Windows 8.1 devices (not including Windows RT-based Surface tablets) have been able to use Sling Media’s web-based player in desktop mode, the new SlingPlayer for Windows 8 app provides a unified experience across all Windows 8 tablet, convertible, laptop and desktop computers, with a few cool new features that we think customers will enjoy:

  1. Gallery View: We’ve introduced an intuitive and visually pleasing way for customers to discover and navigate to TV programs that are on at that moment or soon after.
  2. Touch-Enabled User Interface: To address the increasing number of Windows 8 devices that support touch-controls, the app’s touch-enabled user interface allows customers to navigate by touch. Mouse and click control options are still available.
  3. Windows RT Support: Windows RT tablet customers can now access their Slingbox.

SlingPlayer for Windows 8 - menuFor more information on SlingPlayer for Windows 8, visit the Slingbox website or download the app from the Windows 8 App Store.


*SlingPlayer for Windows 8 requires Windows 8.1 or higher. The app is only compatible with Windows-based tablets, convertibles, laptops and desktop computers. For Windows Phone please use SlingPlayer for Windows Phone.

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