Slingbox Helps Media Cover 2014 Super Bowl

Seth Everett - HeadshotSeth Everett is a national sports broadcaster.  He works for FOX Sports Radio, 1010 WINS in New York, as well as many other TV and radio locations.  He’s been a Slingbox user since 2004 and can be found on Twitter @Seth_Everett

Sometimes it takes a Super Bowl to realize how much I use Slingbox

I’m Seth Everett, FOX Sports Radio broadcaster.  I’ve been covering the Super Bowl all week, and I had to tell you about what’s not only become an obsession, but has turned into a helpful tool. Continue reading

Update: Sling Top 10 TV Programs

Sling top 10 TV ProgramsThe Sling Top 10 TV Programs has a new home on the Slingbox blog!

As you know, we started publishing the top 10 TV programs and top 10 sporting events/shows on a weekly basis on our blog. Now we have a permanent home where these lists can be found in a sidebar to the right of the page for easy scanning.

We’ve also made the following adjustments that we think will provide timely data on how our customers sling their favorite shows:

  • For this week only, our stats include Sunday 1/19 to Sunday 1/26 thus incorporating the NFC and AFC Championships as well as the Grammy’s and the Pro Bowl.
  • Moving forward, we’ll measure the week from Monday to Sunday to align our stats with other weekday and weekend programming metrics. New lists will be posted each Monday, which will incorporate data from the previous week in its entirety.

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Social TV: Sling Media’s 2014 Predictions

SlingPlayer for iPad - Sports Stats ScreenEarlier this week, we posted Lost Remote’s 2014 predictions for social TV. Now it’s our turn to weigh in. We don’t have a Magic 8-Ball, but we do have something better – our Product team.

Here are some of our own predictions, thanks to a few staffers at Sling Media:

  1. Social TV will drive story-lines for scripted shows.
  2. Facebook will track what you want to watch in order to fill your News Feed with recommended shows.
  3. More episode-specific hashtags will be generated by the content creators to drive deeper engagement.
  4. You will be able to instantly tune in live to a show from your social media feed on any device.
  5. “Shows” which start out as user-generated, DIY-type programs will gain enough social cachet that they will be picked up by a major broadcast or cable network (i.e., “Sh*t My Dad Says” was picked up based on the wildly popular Facebook and Twitter accounts).
  6. Appointment TV will continue to see a resurgence as more and more people either want to join the social media conversation live during a program’s first run or they don’t want to see spoilers on their social media feeds for a show they watch.

If you haven’t downloaded SlingPlayer for iPad, check it out to see what we’re already doing in the area of social TV. Not only can you post comments on Facebook and Twitter as you’re watching your favorite show on your iPad, but you can also look up sports stats while watching the live game (see image above). More social features will be rolled out later in the year.

What do you think will happen to social TV in 2014?

Lost Remote’s 2014 Predictions for Social TV

Magic 8-Ball

Anyone got a Magic 8-Ball for social TV?

Lost Remote might have one. Last December, the website revealed their 7 predictions for social TV in 2014. Here are a few we thought were interesting:

  1. Scripted television shows will create the next wave of social TV innovations
  2. Twitter will control your cable box
  3. As social TV grows, so will spin-offs and sequels

Check out the rest of the list on the Lost Remote website. Later this week, a few Sling Media staffers will share some of their own predictions for the rest of the year.

Top 10 Programs People Sling – Week of 1/12/14

Compared to last week, NFL football maintained its top two spots under Sports Programs, while Duck Dynasty came out of nowhere to rise to the top of the TV Shows list.

Panthers vs. 49ers graphicSports Programs

  1. NFL: 49ers vs. Panthers
  2. NFL: Chargers vs. Broncos
  3. SportsCenter
  4. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division
  5. College Basketball
  6. 2014 Australian Open Tennis
  7. FOX NFL Sunday
  8. The NFL Today
  9. FIFA Balon de Oro 2013
  10. English Premier League Soccer

Duck Dynasty graphicTV Shows

  1. Duck Dynasty
  2. SpongeBob SquarePants
  3. The Big Bang Theory
  4. Today Show
  5. American Idol
  6. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  7. The Bachelor
  8. NCIS
  9. The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards
  10. Modern Family

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Top 10 Programs People Sling – Week of 1/5/14

Last week at CES, we announced that we will be releasing a weekly top 10 list of sports programs and TV shows that people sling to their device of choice. Here are the Top 10s from January 5-11:

01-14-14 - top10sports chargers bengalsSports Programs

  1. NFL: Chargers vs. Bengals
  2. NFL: Saints vs. Seahawks
  3. 2014 Vizio BCS National Championship
  4. NFL: 49ers vs. Packers
  5. NFL: Colts vs. Patriots
  6. College Basketball
  7. SportsCenter
  8. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division
  9. The OT
  10. Spanish Primera Division Soccer

01-14-14 - top10TV big bang theoryTV Shows

  1. The Big Bang Theory
  2. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  3. SpongeBob SquarePants
  4. Today Show
  5. The Bachelor
  6. Modern Family
  7. Family Guy
  8. PAW Patrol
  9. Pawn Stars
  10. Downton Abbey

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Photo Highlights from CES 2014

Sling Media had a terrific turnout at CES this year. We certainly worked our butts off, but with a work-hard-play-hard mentality, we still had a lot of fun after hours and got a lot of stuff done at the show.

Check out some highlights in pictures:

01-07-14 - hawkey ces award
Sling Media’s SVP/GM Michael Hawkey with the 2014 CES Innovations Design & Engineering Award for the SlingPlayer for iPad.
01-08-2014 - andy lauren brian

Sling Media’s senior marketing managers Andy Panizza, Lauren Adams and Brian Jaquet. 
01-08-2014 - oceans11

An Ocean’s 11 moment: Watching dancing waters in front of Paris Hotel (not the Bellagio).
01-08-2014 - maria menounos

Maria Menounos, host of ExtraTV, talks to Sling Media.

01-08-2014 - yash vanillaice

Sling Media’s Yash Shah chills out with Vanilla Ice at the Scripps party.

01-09-2014 - kangaroo chorus line

Dancing kangaroos – Hopper, Joey and SuperJoey – at the Dish press conference.

01-09-2014 - engadget fireside chat

Engadget’s Richard Lawler talks with Michael Hawkey during an Engadget Fireside Chat.

01-09-2014 - slinky

Everyone knows…it’s the Slingbox Slinky!

janes addiction2

Rockin’ it out  with Jane’s Addiction at the CNET party.

01-08-2014 - ces floor slingbox booth

Lot of traffic at the Slingbox booth.

justin jabawockeez

Even the Jabbawockeez (winner of the first season of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew) love Slingbox – and Product Manager Justin Cauchon.

01-08-2014 - ces info counter

First stop at the Slingbox booth: The Info Counter.

01-06-14 - joey stuffed animals

Dish’s SuperJoey in stuffed-animal form. Up, up and away!

fleetwood mac

Fleetwood Mac (sans Christine McVie) play a few sets at the Monster Cable party.

01-07-14 - sling team at ces

See you back at CES in 2015!