Data Sets and Infographics Will Track How People Sling

How do people Sling? We’re going to tell you!

Sling Media will regularly track the top-ranked sports events and TV programs that our customers watch using Sling technology (retail Slingbox or through pay-TV providers) on a compatible smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac or another TV. Results will be published every Monday on the Slingbox blog and announced through our social channels.

Occasionally, we’ll add some visuals to the weekly data and include some additional insights. Our “pilot” infographic, posted back in October, received such great feedback, we decided to do this more often. Our second infographic on How People Sling was released today.

In addition to posting our tracking results, here are several interesting and updated data points from today’s infographic:

  • Highest viewing spikes occurred with sports programs this past fall.
  • Weekly slinged content travels the same number of miles from Earth to Jupiter – and back!
  • One of the most slinged TV programs was Duck Dynasty.
  • Customers are slinging an average of 7.23 hours a week to their big screen TV (via Apple TV, Roku, Netgear, WD, Google TV, etc.

Check out the full infographic below!

How People Sling infographic - 1/7/14

Check back next Monday for our Top 10 slinged TV programs. And stay tuned for our next infographic. Subscribe to the Slingbox blog for instant email updates on interesting stats, product news and great Slingbox deals.

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