Buzz on the Floor: CES 2014 Days 2 & 3 Recap

CES Survival KitLas Vegas and CES can be draining. (Hence the Day 2/Day 3 combo recap.) In addition to being on your feet from early in the morning to late at night, the dry air is a killer on the lips and the sinuses. And if you come to Las Vegas sick, plan on being sick the whole week and if you didn’t get sick while here, you’ll likely come down with something the week after. That’s what we sign up for every year and that’s what happens when you have 150,000 people from all over the world congregating in one spot!

What’s the talk of the show? It’s all about wearables. Google got a jump on this last year when they introduced Google Glass, but you can’t buy Google Glass just yet. On the other hand, smart watches are readily available from startups like Pebble to industry stalwarts like Samsung. Fitness trackers are another form of wearable computing that’s getting a lot of interest and we’ve had several conversations with media members here at the show who have proudly shown us how many steps they’re walking on an average day (7,000 to 12,000) as they criss-cross the convention center, the hotels and the parties.

The Slingbox booth has had its share of the action as well. Day 2 and 3 have been jam-packed for Sling Media with meetings, interviews, panels and fireside chats. Here are some highlights:

Digital Hollywood Hybrid TV Panel

Michael Hawkey, Sling Media’s General Manager and Senior VP, appeared on a panel discussing how CE manufactures, content owners, infrastructure companies and others are delivering the ultimate TV experience using broadcast, cable, premium and OTT content.

Engadget Fireside Chat

Hawkey also sat down with Engadget’s Richard Lawler for a one-on-one discussion on the Engadget Main Stage and discussed what Sling Media had been up to the last several months and what the company was focusing on in 2014. You can find the full interview here.

CES Live Interview

Brian Jaquet, Sling Media’s head of communications, sat down with Derek Kessler and John P. of GeekBeatTV to catch everyone up on the latest Slingbox news. That interview can be found here:

TechCrunch Tours Sling Media Booth

Chris Velazco of TechCrunch also dropped by the Slingbox booth to talk to Andy Panizza, one of our senior marketing managers, to get a quick rundown of what we’re showing at CES. Check it out the video here.

In Other News…

Finally, Parks Associates, the firm that put on the CONNECTIONS™ Summit at CES, released some interesting news today: More pay-TV subscribers want access to programs stored on their DVRs similar to the way Dish Network customers can use its Hopper with Sling product to watch video from set-tops inside and outside their homes on any Internet-connected device.

“Remote access to DVR content was the most popular among pay-TV households without that service,” John Barrett, Parks Associates’ director of consumer analytics, stated.

Parks Associates conducted a survey that found 31% of pay-TV subs want DVRs that provide access to DVR content. This number was greater than the number of subs wanting a TV Everywhere authenticated solution. Since Sling Media focuses on delivering content across all your screens both inside and outside of the home, this is no surprise to us, but definitely reaffirming.

You can find a link to the article and the Parks Associates press release here.

If you made it to Day 4 and you’re still standing, come see us at the Slingbox booth, #8243, in the Central Hall.