Top 10 Programs People Sling – Week of 1/5/14

Last week at CES, we announced that we will be releasing a weekly top 10 list of sports programs and TV shows that people sling to their device of choice. Here are the Top 10s from January 5-11:

01-14-14 - top10sports chargers bengalsSports Programs

  1. NFL: Chargers vs. Bengals
  2. NFL: Saints vs. Seahawks
  3. 2014 Vizio BCS National Championship
  4. NFL: 49ers vs. Packers
  5. NFL: Colts vs. Patriots
  6. College Basketball
  7. SportsCenter
  8. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division
  9. The OT
  10. Spanish Primera Division Soccer

01-14-14 - top10TV big bang theoryTV Shows

  1. The Big Bang Theory
  2. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  3. SpongeBob SquarePants
  4. Today Show
  5. The Bachelor
  6. Modern Family
  7. Family Guy
  8. PAW Patrol
  9. Pawn Stars
  10. Downton Abbey

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