Slingbox Helps Media Cover 2014 Super Bowl

Seth Everett - HeadshotSeth Everett is a national sports broadcaster.  He works for FOX Sports Radio, 1010 WINS in New York, as well as many other TV and radio locations.  He’s been a Slingbox user since 2004 and can be found on Twitter @Seth_Everett

Sometimes it takes a Super Bowl to realize how much I use Slingbox

I’m Seth Everett, FOX Sports Radio broadcaster.  I’ve been covering the Super Bowl all week, and I had to tell you about what’s not only become an obsession, but has turned into a helpful tool.

At the press conferences, I knew FOX recorded audio from certain players, who were also featured on NFL Network.  I didn’t want to record interviews with players they already had.  Solution?  Grabbed my iPhone, logged on to my Slingbox and started watching the NFL Network to make sure I wasn’t duplicating efforts.  I’m not sure how many other reporters had more info at their disposal than me.

On to Game Day. With over 70,000 fans taking up every inch of MetLife Stadium, more than 2,000 media members have to squeeze into a small space to cover the game.  A small fact: Reporters don’t always get the prime seats.  To stay on top of things, I know my Slingbox will be tuned to the game as I’m dealing with media workrooms.

Message to fans coming to New Jersey for the Big Game:  Get there early, as security will take forever to let fans get into the stadium.  There will certainly be people stuck in lines. If you’re one of them, I recommend watching the pre-game show on your Slingbox. You’ll become the envy of the masses.

This is a Super Bowl that features the two best teams in the NFL, and it has the makings of a classic.  The world will be watching, just some people will be watching on their smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices, using their Slingbox.


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