Watching TV & the Olympics While on Vacation

Streaming 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics from hotel in ChileTaking two weeks off to travel to Peru and Chile was just the break I needed. In fact, as of the date of this post, I’m still in Chile and loving it.

But I do miss home: my dog, my bed, even a few of my co-workers – you know who you are! I’m especially missing my TV since my options have been reduced to old subtitled episodes of NCIS, Friends and CSI.

Thank goodness for my Slingbox!

While I’m waiting around — in a museum line, on the metro or at the hotel — I can access my Slingbox that’s sitting in my living room to keep up with the programs I normally watch: Downton Abbey, Sherlock, True Detective, etc. These shows might be available in the countries I’m traveling in, but I don’t know when, what channel or if the most recent episode will be aired. I’d rather just fire up the SlingPlayer app on my laptop or iPhone and watch my programs exactly as I would if I was back home in the U.S.

Speaking of the U.S., the best thing of all is that I can root for Team USA along with the rest of America as NBC’s coverage of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics is being aired on one of its many channels. Check out the photo above. I’m watching the men’s snowboarding halfpipe event on my MacBook Pro against a vista of the Andes Mountains from my hotel balcony in Santiago, Chile. How sweet is that?

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