Escape the Madness!

Those of us with brackets are nursing our collective wounds after a brutal opening to March Madness. Did anyone really think they had the Billion Dollar Bracket nailed?

To everyone whose team is now eliminated or who has lost out on their office pool, we say to you, “Embrace all the other great TV programming that’s being delivered by your cable provider.” And while the big-screen TV in your living room is being dominated by sports this time of year, kick back on your deck or in your kitchen and watch all your favorite shows on your tablet with Slingbox!

Sling Media is introducing the Escape the Madness marketing campaign this week to show how easy it is to enjoy your favorite shows even when the big-screen TV isn’t available. Instead of waiting for it, grab your tablet and use it as a wireless TV in your house to watch live or recorded shows — whether you’re in the kitchen, out by the pool or in the garage.

So embrace the madness by escaping the madness and enjoy all your shows when you want and wherever you want with a Slingbox. We don’t have to tell you to watch video on your tablet or smartphone. We just want to empower you to watch all your favorite shows on your favorites devices, live or recorded, in your favorite places in and around your house or anywhere in the world.

Check out our video below and click here for more information about Slingbox.


Sling Media’s Picks for 2014 College Basketball Tournament

It’s tourney time!

The “experts” here at Sling Media wanted to share their picks for this year’s college basketball tournament now that it’s in full swing. See our bracket below.

Brian Jaquet's March Madness 2014 Bracket

Why didn’t we post our predictions prior to the tournament starting this morning? We figured, who’s going to take it seriously? We have about as much expertise as my 90-year-old grandmother. Besides, this is all for fun, right? Continue reading

Enhance Your Sports Viewing with SlingPlayer

With March Madness upon us, the NBA Playoffs right around the corner and the MLB season less than a month away, this is the best time to be a sports fan! Did you know that SlingPlayer for iPad offers current sports scores and statistics for the game you’re enjoying … as you watch?

Think of it: you’re streaming the tournament from your Slingbox. You’re also texting with your know-it-all buddy, who’s gunning for the other team and spouting out game stats like some kind of authority. You’ve always wondered … does he have his facts straight?

Well, wonder no more … SlingPlayer for iPad is like having the best play-by-play commentator sitting right next to you!

SlingPlayer for iPad sports info

SlingPlayer for iPad is a sports game powerhouse, offering sports fans all kinds of info, including scores, stats, data … everything but the beer and snacks!

Here are the new sports-related features: Continue reading

Slingbox 350 Launches in Mexico

Sling Media & Eckhert Teams at Slingbox Launch in MexicoGood news, Slingbox fans: Slingbox has launched in Mexico!

Mexico follows our recent launch in Brazil and comes at a perfect time for sports fans as the World Cup is a mere 99 days away!

Why are we launching in Mexico? (There’s the Sling Media team in the photo at right with the Eckhert team during launch activities.)

Back in 2011, The Economist reported that there are more TVs in Mexican homes than there are refrigerators or showers, based on the 2010 census. And, being the avid a sports fans that they are, this trend could grow as the World Cup draws near. Continue reading