Slingbox 350 Launches in Mexico

Sling Media & Eckhert Teams at Slingbox Launch in MexicoGood news, Slingbox fans: Slingbox has launched in Mexico!

Mexico follows our recent launch in Brazil and comes at a perfect time for sports fans as the World Cup is a mere 99 days away!

Why are we launching in Mexico? (There’s the Sling Media team in the photo at right with the Eckhert team during launch activities.)

Back in 2011, The Economist reported that there are more TVs in Mexican homes than there are refrigerators or showers, based on the 2010 census. And, being the avid a sports fans that they are, this trend could grow as the World Cup draws near.

eMarketer: Smartphone Users in Mexico, 2012-2017Other studies indicate that technology is becoming more pervasive in Mexico. Last year, eMarketer predicted that 51% of the population will be online by the end of 2013. They also believe that smartphone usage will see double-digit growth through 2017, resulting in nearly 45% of the population with a phone in hand. (See graph at left.)

Combining the country’s love of TV and the overwhelming growth in Internet and mobile device usage, Mexican consumers will be able to transform their smartphones and tablets into portable TVs. The introduction of Slingbox will give Mexican consumers more options and greater versatility as to how, when and where they want to watch their TV.

Check out the Slingbox website for Mexico, the press release and recent coverage on MexicanBusinessWeb.

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