Enhance Your Sports Viewing with SlingPlayer

With March Madness upon us, the NBA Playoffs right around the corner and the MLB season less than a month away, this is the best time to be a sports fan! Did you know that SlingPlayer for iPad offers current sports scores and statistics for the game you’re enjoying … as you watch?

Think of it: you’re streaming the tournament from your Slingbox. You’re also texting with your know-it-all buddy, who’s gunning for the other team and spouting out game stats like some kind of authority. You’ve always wondered … does he have his facts straight?

Well, wonder no more … SlingPlayer for iPad is like having the best play-by-play commentator sitting right next to you!

SlingPlayer for iPad sports info

SlingPlayer for iPad is a sports game powerhouse, offering sports fans all kinds of info, including scores, stats, data … everything but the beer and snacks!

Here are the new sports-related features:

GALLERY features

  • Sports tab in the Gallery makes it super-easy to see what games are on right now. (The Guide has a Sports tab, too.) No more wondering “what channel is that game on?” Just browse through the Gallery and pick your game. For each game, the Gallery listings display team logos, current game timing, and score … everything you need to pick the best game to watch!

Sports Gallery with Thuze Score Feature

  • The Thuuz Score, a cool new feature in the upper-left corner of every game listed in the Gallery. It tells you the excitement and fun level of each game!

02-11- 14 - 3thuuz-score-closeup

  • Thuuz, our sports data provider, creates the Thuze Score by using algorithms and social signals to rate all live (and upcoming) games on a scale of 0-100:

02-11-14 - 4thuuz-score-key

  • A Thuuz Score listed in an empty circle means an upcoming game with a predicted excitement rating. Games are sorted in the Gallery by Thuuz Score, so the most exciting games are listed first.

LIVE TV features

  • Details view that offers a combo of small video screen and full game info, including scores, game timing, and game status info depending on the game being played.
  • Stats tab that displays detailed overall game info, as well as detailed info by game leaders.
  • Social tab that lets you share the game with your friends via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Similar tab that lets you find similar games and shows.

How does it work? Let’s get started.

How to use the sports stats feature

  1. First, let’s pick a game … the easiest way is to use the Gallery. Tap Gallery at the bottom of the screen, then tap the SPORTS tab at the top.
  2. Want to narrow down the choices? Tap All Leagues in the upper-right corner, then select a league from the list.02-11-14 - 5League-selection
  3. From the Gallery, tap to select the game that you’d like to see.
  4. When the game starts playing, tap anywhere on the screen to display the onscreen controls, then tap the Details button at the bottom of the screen.02-11-14 - 6Details-icon
  5. You see the game playing in a minimized window in the upper-left side of the screen, along with scores below the viewing window, and stats on the right side of the display.
  6. If you like, for many games, you can tap Leaders or Game to see different sets of statistics.
    In Leaders view, some statistic labels have a  >  symbol. Tap those, and they expand to display more info.
    You can also tap Similar to see what other similar games are on. This feature uses some slick program-recognition technology to match up what you’re watching now with what similar programs you might enjoy watching.02-11-14 - 7sports-stats-choices
  7. Want to pause the action? Tap the viewer window for Pause and Play controls, as well as the expand control.02-11-14 - 8program-info-icon
  8. To restore the full view, without the scores and statistics, tap Live TV at the bottom of the window. You can also tap the viewer window, and then tap the expand control (see the previous step).

Important notes:

  • To see game statistics, you must choose the game from the Gallery or the Guide. If you manually tune to the game, you won’t see game statistics.
  • Not all games can display scores and statistics. Your best bets are live, first-run games. Games that have been played previously may not display scores and stats.

So pick a game, tap to watch it … and be in command of all the info you need. It’s easy with SlingPlayer for iPad. Enjoy your sports-filled spring season!

6 comments on “Enhance Your Sports Viewing with SlingPlayer

  1. Paul Gilbert says:

    Can you do this for the NFL season

  2. millenniumos says:

    Will this functionality be available for the Android Tablet SlingPlayer as well?

  3. […] Enhance Your Sports Viewing with SlingPlayer […]

  4. jjenson says:

    We are residents of Massachusetts, and of course Boston Red Sox fans. We are Verizon FIOS customers with 3 cable boxes in our home, and after seeing a Slingbox advertised on the Verizon web site, purchased a Slingbox500 yesterday to watch the Red Sox games at our ‘away’ cabin which has WiFi internet connection. We are VERY DISSAPOINTED TO LEARN TODAY THAT, CONTRARY TO THE ADVERTISEMENT, VERIZON FIOS DOES NOT SUPPORT SLINGBOX. We learned this after a failed installation, followed by an hour and a half of phone calls with both Verizon technical service and customer service, who said, and I quote “Verizon does not support Slingbox”. What’s up with this ?

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