Escape the Madness!

Those of us with brackets are nursing our collective wounds after a brutal opening to March Madness. Did anyone really think they had the Billion Dollar Bracket nailed?

To everyone whose team is now eliminated or who has lost out on their office pool, we say to you, “Embrace all the other great TV programming that’s being delivered by your cable provider.” And while the big-screen TV in your living room is being dominated by sports this time of year, kick back on your deck or in your kitchen and watch all your favorite shows on your tablet with Slingbox!

Sling Media is introducing the Escape the Madness marketing campaign this week to show how easy it is to enjoy your favorite shows even when the big-screen TV isn’t available. Instead of waiting for it, grab your tablet and use it as a wireless TV in your house to watch live or recorded shows — whether you’re in the kitchen, out by the pool or in the garage.

So embrace the madness by escaping the madness and enjoy all your shows when you want and wherever you want with a Slingbox. We don’t have to tell you to watch video on your tablet or smartphone. We just want to empower you to watch all your favorite shows on your favorites devices, live or recorded, in your favorite places in and around your house or anywhere in the world.

Check out our video below and click here for more information about Slingbox.


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