Podcast: How to Watch TV Like a Pro

04-28-14 - podcastCheck out the Consumer Talk podcast on KGO Radio as Brian Jaquet, senior marketing manager at Sling Media, talks about how Slingbox can help you “Watch TV Like a Pro.”

Aired on Saturday, April 26, 2014 (Hour 1); interview starts at 24:55.

#GameofSling Contest – Sunday 4/27/14

death copySad to say, early death is fairly common on Game of Thrones. Who’s going down next?

For this week’s #GameofSling contest, do the following and you could win a Slingbox:

  1. Follow @Slingbox on Twitter.
  2. Tweet the name of a major character that you think is next in line to bite the dust.
  3. Include “#GameofSling” in your answer.

Whatever your prediction, doesn’t hurt to take a guess! Among the responses, we’ll choose a random winner by the end of the week.

Good luck!

Did You Know This About Your Slingbox?

04-25-14 - 500 + SP familyIf you’re a Slingbox owner, you know you can access your living room TV and watch it on your laptop, tablet or smartphone with the SlingPlayer app, no matter where you are. Heck, you could be in Switzerland, watching the Red Sox take on the Yankees in real time! OK, that’s a given.

But did you know about these other Slingbox and SlingPlayer features? Continue reading

#GameofSling Contest – Sunday 4/20/14

04-20-14 - #gameofsling - joffrey is deadWell, Joffrey’s dead. Who did it?

For this week’s #GameofSling contest, do the following and you could win an awesome Sling prize:

  1. Like our Facebook page.
  2. On the flagged post at the top, tell us who you think killed Joffrey.
  3. Include “#GameofSling” in your answer.

It doesn’t matter if your prediction is right or wrong. Even if you have no idea, take a guess!

Among the responses, we’ll choose a random winner by the end of the week.

Good luck!


Reminded by Thuuz, Enabled by Sling

04-17-14 - Thuuz Q&A - Android phone screenThere’s no denying Slingbox owners love to watch their favorite sports teams on TV, tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac wherever they are. With Slingbox, we empower our customers to watch their home TV and their home sports teams anywhere, but sometimes they need to be reminded when to tune in.

Through a new partnership with Thuuz Sports, we came up with a great joint solution. With the Thuuz app and SlingPlayer app on your Android phone, users will receive notifications from Thuuz when the excitement level is peaking during games involving their favorite teams. Want to watch the game? Simply tap on the SlingPlayer link and instantly tune into the action. Users can access the game quickly without fumbling through channels, guides or directories.  Thuuz gives Slingbox owners one-touch accessibility to the most exciting games, right at their fingertips.

Thuuz is also available for iOS users, but the SlingPlayer integration for iPhone is coming this summer.

Want to check out it for yourself? Go to Google Play to download Thuuz and SlingPlayer. (They both need to be on your Android phone to receive this functionality.) Then start Slinging with Thuuz!

To give you a better idea of what Thuuz is about and how Slingbox and SlingPlayer are being incorporated, Warren Packard, CEO of Thuuz, answered a few questions for us – Q&A-style: Continue reading

Make a Few Bucks — Introduce Slingbox to Your Network

04-15-14 - referral program - jeans pocket - croppedDid you know you could earn up to $500 just for being a loyal and passionate Slingbox owner and fan?

If you’re like us, you watch TV via your Slingbox on a tablet or smartphone all the time. In fact, you do this so much, your friends often ask you what’s powering the experience. Thanks to you, Slingbox has spread like wildfire! We love the potential of word-of-mouth, so we would like you to continue to spread the good word about Slingbox. This time, we’re going to reward you for it.

We’re introducing the Slingbox Referral Program. When you tell your family and friends about Slingbox, you’ll get $20 for each of them that makes a purchase (up to $500). Even better, they’ll get a discount on a Slingbox, too. And it doesn’t stop there. Each referral is an entry into our grand prize drawing for an iPad Air.

Find out how to participate and start spreading the word. Best of luck!

#GameofSling Contest – Sunday 4/13/14

04-12-14 - GoT charactersGame of Thrones is on tonight – and you know what that means. Play #GameofSling to win some Sling swag! (Click here to learn more about the contest.)

For today’s contest, all you need to do is:

  1. Follow @Slingbox on Twitter.
  2. Tweet your favorite Game of Thrones character (alive or deceased).
  3. MUST include #GameofSling in your tweet.

We’ll choose a random winner among participants later in the week.

Good luck!