Sling Media Hearts Game of Thrones

WebIf a company could ever have a crush on a TV show, Game of Thrones would probably be ours. Yes, Sling Media loves #GoT and we can’t wait for the Season 4 premiere this Sunday, April 6th.

What happens if you can’t be in front of your living room TV on Sunday nights? Not to worry. Slingbox can help. Hook one up to your TV at home, download the SlingPlayer app on your favorite mobile device and you’re good to go. Watch each episode as they are being aired, no matter where you are, and participate in real-time social conversations. Spoilers will never be a threat.

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Sling Gets Social with #GoT

Being the big #GoT fans that we are, we created the images above and below to celebrate Season 4. Look for them on our various social platforms and watch with us each and every Sunday.

Which image is your favorite?





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