Make a Few Bucks — Introduce Slingbox to Your Network

04-15-14 - referral program - jeans pocket - croppedDid you know you could earn up to $500 just for being a loyal and passionate Slingbox owner and fan?

If you’re like us, you watch TV via your Slingbox on a tablet or smartphone all the time. In fact, you do this so much, your friends often ask you what’s powering the experience. Thanks to you, Slingbox has spread like wildfire! We love the potential of word-of-mouth, so we would like you to continue to spread the good word about Slingbox. This time, we’re going to reward you for it.

We’re introducing the Slingbox Referral Program. When you tell your family and friends about Slingbox, you’ll get $20 for each of them that makes a purchase (up to $500). Even better, they’ll get a discount on a Slingbox, too. And it doesn’t stop there. Each referral is an entry into our grand prize drawing for an iPad Air.

Find out how to participate and start spreading the word. Best of luck!