Did You Know This About Your Slingbox?

04-25-14 - 500 + SP familyIf you’re a Slingbox owner, you know you can access your living room TV and watch it on your laptop, tablet or smartphone with the SlingPlayer app, no matter where you are. Heck, you could be in Switzerland, watching the Red Sox take on the Yankees in real time! OK, that’s a given.

But did you know about these other Slingbox and SlingPlayer features?

  1. Multi-task while you’re on AirPlay.
    New to SlingPlayer for iPhone, you can do other stuff on your phone while you’re using AirPlay and the SlingPlayer app. to watch your home TV on another TV equipped with an Apple TV. So, while you’re watching Scandal on TV, you can play Candy Crush Saga on your iPhone!
  2. Capture and post on Facebook.
    You’re watching an exciting game on your iOS or Android device and something amazing happens. Capture the moment and post it to your Facebook page – instantly.
  3. Discover new programs.
    TV series come and go. What do you do when your favorite shows are disappearing from the face of the earth? Or maybe you just want to watch something different? SlingPlayer for iPad will show you the way by helping you discover and navigate to new programs that are already popular among TV-viewers. No guesswork involved.
  4. Don’t have time to watch an entire game?
    The Thuuz app will send Android phone users a notification when a game is getting good. Better yet, if you have SlingPlayer for Android on said phone, simply tap the icon in the Thuuz app. and it will open SlingPlayer and tune you into the channel the game is on for instant viewing gratification. Thuuz will also keep you up-to-date on sports stats and scores. Read more about our partnership with Thuuz.
  5. Take advantage of that big-screen TV.
    Whether you have vacation home in Bermuda or a man-cave in the basement, you can access your Slingbox and watch your TV…on another TV! A Slingbox combined with a wide variety of the most popular streaming video players allows you to watch and control your living room TV for both live and DVR-based content on a second TV either inside your home or in another city/country.  All you need for the second TV is a compatible streaming video player and an internet connection and you’ll be watching live or recorded TV to your heart’s content.
  6. View, share and archive your personal media.
    Slingbox 500 users can stream all of their photo and video content from their smartphone to their Slingbox-connected TV, which makes viewing and sharing easier than ever before. Photos and videos taking up too much room on your smartphone? Slingbox 500 also lets you archive your personal media when you insert a flash drive into the USB port in the back.
  7. Watch international TV and sports with DishWorld.
    Slingbox 500 users can subscribe to DishWorld to watch international TV and sports on the big screen TV. Choose your language – from Arabic to Vietnamese – and your guests from abroad are loving you more by the minute.
  8. One download = 5 devices
    One SlingPlayer download is good up to five on the same type of device. So, if each of your family members owns an iPhone, purchase the SlingPlayer for iPhone app once and download it on up to five iPhones.

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