Introducing Slingbox M1, SlingTV and Software Updates Galore!

It’s been a busy 2014 here at Sling Media and we’re kicking off our summer tonight as we launch a new brand and completely re-designed website ( but most importantly two new products: the Slingbox M1 and SlingTV.

Slingbox M1

The Slingbox M1 is our most affordable, yet powerful Slingbox we’ve ever introduced. It will go on sale this Sunday, July 20th both online and in retail stores, but is also available for pre-order starting July 16 from, and At $149.99 and including dual-band WiFi, Slingbox M1 is a true powerhouse combining tremendous affordability with simple set-up and ease of use. The just-completed FIFA World Cup gave customers a taste of what it’s like to have a mobile TV solution for watching live TV on a phone, tablet or computer and with Slingbox M1 you’ll have access to all of that content in addition to local sports channels, news and most importantly your favorite shows, live or recorded. As with all Slingboxes there are no monthly fees and no geographical restrictions.



Slingbox M1 features include:

  • Dual-band 2.4/5Ghz WiFi connectivity and Ethernet port
  • Watch and control live TV on a tablet, phone, PC or Mac
  • Easy and quick setup and playback via PC/Mac desktop apps, as well as iPhone, iPad and Android phone apps
  • Watch on a second TV anywhere via Apple TV® and Roku®
  • Play and schedule DVR recordings
  • Component and composite input/output



If you’re familiar with Sling, you’ll recognize SlingTV as it’s the same hardware as our Slingbox 500 and existing Slingbox 500 customers will get a FREE software update that adds the SlingTV features in late August when the SlingTV product becomes officially available. Slingbox 500 customers have always had a top-notch Slingbox product for watching and controlling their home TV while away from the living room. However, Slingbox 500 also has an on-TV screen interface which allows customers to configure their Slingbox 500 using the included remote and their TV. SlingTV, powered by the Slingbox 500 hardware, delivers a “Smarter TV” experience for the living room, giving customers an easier way to discover what’s on TV in a rich, graphical, visual interface. You can filter what’s on via your favorite channels, all the movies or TV shows playing or kids programming and also see what’s on now vs. what’s coming up later in the day or in primetime. SlingTV also incorporates live game scores and sports statistics without having to change the channel. Imagine a Saturday afternoon of College Football where you not only get score updates and stats in real-time from all the games, but you can also see what games are on what channels and easily navigate to them with a couple clicks on the remote. While being a powerful Slingbox at its core, SlingTV brings so much more to the living room TV experience that will continue to be improved and upgraded throughout the rest of 2014 and beyond.


SlingTV features include:

  • New on-screen TV main menu powered by the included SlingTV remote
  • Soft remote built into Slingplayer for iPhone or Android phone apps

Gallery View

  • A visual interface to easily find and select a show to watch
  • Filter by popular, favorite channels, sports, movies, kids programming, etc. currently airing, upcoming and in primetime
  • Rotten Tomatoes® ratings for all movies in Movies filter
  • Big screen TV scoreboard and channel guide. See all the scores and stats without changing the channel
  • Find out who’s playing, the score and the channel it’s airing on in a visual, easily navigated interface

Details View

  • Get detailed game stats in real-time for fantasy fanatics
  • Integrated Thuuz™ excitement ratings tell you when to tune into a game based on the score, the match-up, dynamic game momentum changes, etc.
  • Movie and TV episode details


Finally, in support of today’s launch we’ve updated our mobile apps and re-introduced new apps. Sling customers will now be able to configure their new Slingbox M1 with a mobile device via the Slingplayer app for iPhone and iPad as well as Android-based phones. In addition, we’re re-introducing the FREE Slingplayer for PC/Mac desktop app, replacing the web-based player.*

In addition, we’ve added support for Roku in the Slingplayer for iPad app and for both Roku and Apple TV, we’ve added full hand-off between Slingplayer and TVs equipped with these two media streaming devices. What this means is that a customer can exit the Slingplayer app after sending their Slingbox video from their mobile device to the Roku or Apple TV-equipped television. The customer is then free to do other things with their phone or tablet while watching video on the big screen and should they want to change the channel, they simply re-open the Slingplayer app to do so.

There’s a lot here to digest and there’s much more to be found over at




*Slingplayer for PC/Mac desktop app currently supports Slingbox M1. Other Slingbox models will be supported later this year. Existing Slingbox customers should continue to use

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