Product Alert for Slingbox 500

Dear Sling Customer,

We are always measuring how new and existing features are used by our customers across the PC/Mac, tablet and smartphone platforms we support with our Sling products. We do this to determine whether they are integral, on-going components of the Sling experience that need to be supported and improved with each software update to the products. To this end, we have decided to remove the My Media features that can be found on Slingbox 500/SlingTV.

This includes the ability to play personal photos and videos on your TV straight from your iPhone or Android phone and the ability to playback content from a USB hard drive that is connected to the Slingbox 500/SlingTV. It also includes support for My Media placeshifting feature that was available for iPhone, Android phone and our web-based Slingplayer for PC/Mac on

Starting today My Media features are no longer supported and will be removed from the Slingbox 500/SlingTV hardware and corresponding supported mobile platforms over the course of the next few months. After that customers will no longer be able to utilize this feature across the listed Sling products and mobile platforms. If you have a USB flash drive (or Hard Drive) attached to your Slingbox 500/SlingTV, please eject it properly to preserve your stored content.

As always Sling’s focus is to deliver a best in class experience with all of our products and services and you will continue to see great innovation from Sling moving forward – as our customers have come to expect.

Thank you!

Your Sling Team

Sling. It’s On!

We’ve had a busy month here at Sling with the announcement of  Slingbox M1 and SlingTV and as we approach Fall and get ready to ship SlingTV, it’s about to get much busier.

The NFL and College Football seasons are right around the corner and we know how much our customers love having access to their favorite teams on Saturdays and Sundays, whether it’s around the house, around town or halfway across the world. The Slingbox M1 is our most affordable, easy to use, easy to set-up Slingbox model we’ve ever introduced and with built-in WiFi, it gives customers no-strings attached access to all their programming, on any device, anywhere. In fact, Slingbox M1 was just included in a segment on the Today Show. Check us out at the 5:05 minute mark.

SlingTV, which is scheduled to be available at the end of August, brings powerful new features into the living room. Customers will have access to real-time stats and a full list of games currently being televised and more importantly on what channels. In addition, the visual interface of SlingTV makes it simple to easily discover what’s on TV and filter by movies, TV shows, kids programming or sporting events and navigate to a program with a click of a button on the SlingTV remote. Slingbox 500 customers will get a free upgrade to SlingTV when it becomes available later this month.

To mark the launch of these new products we created a new slogan: Sling. It’s On! We also introduced a new logo and a completely re-designed website, What’s more, we created what we call our ‘Anthem’ video, which we’ve also turned into a TV commercial that’s running on cable TV in select markets nationwide.

We’d love to know what you think and better yet, what are some of your best uses of Sling?

As summer winds down, Sling is just revving up for the busy Fall season. It’s a wonderful time of year to be a fan of television and with a Slingbox you’ll never miss a moment, no matter where you are.