Introducing SlingTV!

SlingTV_galleryAll_InTVHere at Sling, you know we’re all about placeshifting. Letting you watch your home TV on any device anywhere is what we do. Of course we still do that, but as of today, we’re improving your home viewing as well. We’re excited to announce SlingTV — our first product that focuses just as much on the living room experience as the mobile one.

So what does SlingTV do? First of all, it gives you access to your cable or satellite programming, live or recorded, in up to HD quality, anywhere in the world with a network connection. But you knew that already. What it also does is turn your big screen at home into a “Smarter TV” that lets you navigate through a vibrant programming Gallery, similar in appearance to what we’ve deployed on Slingplayer for iPad. The Gallery view provides recommendations based on SlingCloud (our proprietary analytics platform that takes into account popularity, reviews and social activity), and lets you filter your favorite channels and types of shows, displays Rotten Tomatoes ratings next to movies, displays an on-screen sports scoreboard and channel guide for professional and college sports, provides detailed real-time stats for fantasy sports owners, and more.

SlingTV replaces the Slingbox 500, but if already have a 500, don’t worry — the SlingTV software upgrade is currently being rolled out for FREE (in marketing we love to capitalize that word so you don’t miss it) and Slingbox 500 and SlingTV is the same hardware. If you haven’t received it yet, you will by next week. New SlingTV purchasers will receive the SlingTV experience automatically upon initial setup.

One quick hardware note — in order to access the SlingTV features, you have to have your set-top box connected to the SlingTV or Slingbox 500 with both HDMI and component (red/green/blue) cables, and your SlingTV connected to your TV via HDMI.

We hope you enjoy SlingTV as much as we think you will!

44 comments on “Introducing SlingTV!

  1. Tom says:

    component (red/green/blue) is require? This is a PROBLEM! component connection from STB is going to be discontinued in the future. Also current my STB has no component output.

  2. Sam says:

    Why are you removing the My Media feature from customers who bought the SB 500 with the expectation they would be able to use this feature? Surely existing SB 500 customers should be “Grandfathered in” as normally occurs when a company decides to pull a feature that’s been advertised and paid for at time of purchase.

    • Brian Jaquet says:

      Sam, I just sent you an email reply to your email regarding My Media. Please let us know if you didn’t get it. Thanks

      • Ellen says:

        Why can’t I watch my media movies anymore on my unit?

        • caleb says:

          They took away the function. The usb port on your Sb 500 does nothing now. It’s useless. They took away a main feature that their product was sold with and a lot of people purchased for that reason. Demand an answer from them. I haven’t gotten an answer from them. It’s no way to run a company.

    • Caleb says:

      I’m very curious to know the same thing. This is very frustrating. I use My Media just as much as I use the actual live streaming from my SB 500. I went out and bought a hard drive just for the sling box. If I knew they were going to remove My media from the SB 500 I would have never bought it. I could have stayed with my old sling box that does everything this extra 300 dollar version does now.

    • What genius decided to remove My Media and leave customers hanging? This really sucks. I purchased the unit and a large usb drive for this purpose, and now just a “Screw You!” from Sling. WHY WHY WHY would you do this to your customers? It was a feature that worked.

  3. whs7062 says:

    I too have a SB 500, and have no need for the “Smart” Gallery. The analytics that underlie it are redundant in my home entertainment center. Now I’m frequently distracted by the device’s fan noise as it searches for content I may be interested in but never asked for when I bought the SB 500. Aside from the noise, the Gallery analytics gobble electricity and compete for bandwidth with other devices.

    Please offer a way to disable or workaround this feature for those of us who can do without it. And think before adding features without first polling customers whose support warranty may have expired. You make it sound like you were doing us a favor. To that faulty assumption I quote: “Kindness unwanted is unkindness.”

  4. So, how does one access this new menu? Nothing looks different. i really don’t understand. I have a 500, got an email saying I’ve been updated. But I logged into the website, nothing different.

  5. Jordan says:

    Can you watch Slingbox through an XBOX ONE?

  6. Carol says:

    I have a Slingbox Pro. Can I watch it on my Smart TV?

  7. […] SlingTV, which has an MSRP of $299.99, gives you the same TV anywhere functionality, and adds a bevy of “smarter TV” features for your home TV as well. SlingTV, which is powered by our Slingbox 500 hardware, was rolled out in the U.S. a few weeks ago and was discussed in more detail in this blog post. […]

  8. […] 500 hardware, was rolled out in the U.S. a few weeks ago and was discussed in more detail in this blog post. For more information, check out our Canadian homepage here! […]

  9. Amber Johnson says:

    I have a sligbox 500 that I purchased in May and never received a communication or email stating that I received this update. Can you please advise how to receive the free upgrade?

  10. michaelmuse says:

    Same problem as Amber – I have a Slingbox 500, its been well over a week since you published this, no email yet. Please help

  11. Joey says:

    I just got my sling tv from US before I relocated to sg. I cant seem to set it up right. Is there any service center that I can call or pay for to make this work?

  12. Tim Brown says:

    Are u aware that certain Smart Tv’s like Samsung don’t allow you to acces Sling tv directly thru the internet?? I live over in the UAE and have a 500 at home and love it, however I hate having to run an HDMI cable from my laptop to the Smart TV in order to view whats on my 500. I specifically got a smart tv so I could log on to my slingbox directly thru the tv. Evidently the software in the samsung smart tv’s don’t work w sling box. Another issue I have is that I run my internet directly thru a VPN router so I can’t use a chromecast device either. Uggh. Any thoughts??

    Oh, I did receive the upgrade email however, I will have to wait till I return to the US to switch the cable connections. I don’t want my 75yr old mother screwing it up!!!

    • Slingbox says:

      Sorry Tim, but as you’ve seen on your Samsung TV we don’t have apps for smart TVs now. Sorry Chromecast won’t work with your setup. Our other options for watching Sling on a big screen are Roku and Apple TV– could either of those work for you?

      • Tim Salter says:

        Slingbox… When are you going to bring out a “box” like Apple TV/Roku or WD TV specifically for streaming on a TV rather than having to use a laptop or iPad? Please please please…..

  13. Tim Brown says:

    I just tried watching on my smart tv again…the operating system isnt supported. Why on earth with all the Smart TV’s out there isnt slingbox supported????

  14. Michael says:

    Have you finished rolling out “Sling TV” ? I bought a Slingbox 500 in June but haven’t seen the software update yet. I have HDMI and component connected to the cable box etc. Should the SlingBox be off, say overnight, to allow for the update? I have the similar app on my Windows tablet and it works great.

    • Slingbox says:

      It’s all done rolling out now Michael, sorry it hasn’t shown up for you. Have you tried a soft reset by briefly pressing the reset button in the back with a paper clip? If that doesn’t work, best advice would be to contact support by phone or chat:

  15. Pedro A. says:

    my smart tv connection does not allows to watch my slingbox 500. do I need to buy in line sling TV? to watcht on smart TV. Please advise.

  16. Anthony says:

    Does sling box work in China? Here for 3 months and need my TV fix and sports occasionally! Is bandwidth a problem here? SOS

  17. shelew says:

    Hi I am in the UAE and will be going back to the states this week. I plan to set up a sling in my apt in the states. I only have basic cable but may upgrade. Any suggestions on which slingbox I should purchase once I get to the states to make it work. My husband will be able to test if it will work while I am there as he will be in the UAE. TIA!

    • Slingbox says:

      The M1 provides all our “placeshifting” (watching your TV anywhere) functionality, while the SlingTV has that plus smart TV-like features for the home viewing experience. Both should work with any cable or satellite box as long as you have component or composite outputs. More detailed comparison of the two models can be found here: Let us know if you have any other questions!

      • shelew says:

        Thanks for the info!! I bought the M1 but I think my basic cable box is too basic! It does not have component plugs I don’t think. There is a R and L audio in that is red and white, yellow video, red aux, white audio in and an orange SPDIF(whatever that is). I assume I need to upgrade my cable 🙂 Thanks!

        • Slingbox says:

          The red and white are “composite” — you can also hook up a Slingbox to those but the picture will be in SD. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  18. What genius decided to remove My Media and leave customers hanging? This really sucks. I purchased the unit and a large usb drive for this purpose, and now just a “Screw You!” from Sling. WHY WHY WHY would you do this to your customers? It was a feature that worked.

  19. Rob says:

    Still no answer on why My Media was removed? This is ridiculous! I could have bought the cheaper M1 but I purchased the 500 for this reason specifically. I’ve been searching and searching and I’ve seen the same question asked by a million different people but nobody has been given a response. Sling owes its customers an explanation or a refund or allow us to return the 500 for the M1.

  20. JB says:

    Didn’t Roku and NEOTV just add this function to their devices? WHY Slingbox WHY?

  21. A says:

    We just bought the slingbox to play our media files only to find out it no longer does this. We’re returning it for a roku. Not happy.

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