Slingplayer for Android tablet update brings Chromecast, Roku handoff support

Today we’re excited to announce an update to our Slingplayer for Android tablets app! Android tablet users will receive a spiffy new user interface as well as support for Roku handoff and Chromecast on the Slingbox M1, SlingTV and Slingbox 350.

Chromecast support for iPhone, iPad and Android phone has been available for a few weeks, and we’re happy to welcome tablet-using aficionados of the little green robot to the Chromecast-for-Sling world.

24 comments on “Slingplayer for Android tablet update brings Chromecast, Roku handoff support

  1. jay says:

    How about chromecast support for the owners of slingbox pro hd and the sling solo? Roku streams pro hd and solo streams, why can’t the same be done for chromecast? I’ve been a loyal customer for over 8 years with 2 boxes . I bought the outrageously priced $15 app for the iPhone and for my son’s kindle fire hd. I was considering buying an m1, but why should I?

    • James Smith says:

      They can’t completely remove Pro-HD support because it was/is being sold up to recently in certain markets around the world.
      The only reason I could see for buying a new device is if you absolutely need one of the new features, if your Pro-HD breaks, or if they remove the automatic remote detection codes for Pro-HD models.

  2. Matt says:

    Any plans to support Windows Phone or Windows tablets? The Slingbox watching experience is really poor for anyone without an Apple or Android device.

  3. Alan Phillips says:

    I have Chromecast and SlingPlayer running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and the SlingPlayer app has just had the most recent update but I still cannot see the “cast” button. Do I have to do anything to get it?!

    Some people seem to be able cast Slingplayer with a Pro-HD. Is that possible yet? Or do you need to release an update to the Pro-HD software?

    • James Smith says:

      Sorry. You’re out of luck with the Pro-HD. Need to throw it out and get a new model, or purchase a Roku.
      Remember to send Sling support your thanks for those choices.

  4. Robin Burn says:

    I tried Sling to Chromecast to TV via my Android phone. I love the concept but the show had frequent pauses. Can anyone tell me the internet connection speeds required on both ends of the sling for this to work well?

  5. Robin Burn says:

    I paid for the Sling app for my Android phone. Must I pay another $15 for the app for my Android tablet?

  6. Ole Kay says:

    Sorry, but my Android SlingPlayer version 2.10.1 doesn’t have all the new facilities. Have I missed an update ?

  7. Ole Kay says:

    The illustrations and supporting text in Play Store surely shows “something new” but even an re-install still only delivers version 2.10.1 – e.g. no widescreen, only 3:4 support with Chromecast.
    Are there regional differences ?

  8. Ole Kay says:

    I appreciate your concern and interest.

  9. Jim Loiacono says:

    Google Play Store continues to only distribute version 2.10.1. How did Sling obtain a copy of 2.10.2? May me you should put it on your web site?

  10. AJ says:

    you gotta pay for the fuckin app to watch your TV on your phone?

  11. nebojsa says:

    I have a samsung tab android version 4.0.4 modell GT-P7500 and i cant run my installed slingplayer, i install it on my android and when i start up the player, i click on conect but it came up on screen options directory and cancel. And i can just click on cancel, what can i do to get it work on the player?

  12. Jeff says:

    Why isn’t sling pro hd supported by chromecast? Makes no sense to have to buy another Slingbox when it’s just the app? Confused

  13. Dirk says:

    Wie erhalte ich für meinen sat receiver. ..coolstream neo …einen Fernbedienungs code ? Was kann ich tun

  14. VITAL MCFADDEN says:


  15. Bill says:

    I have a SlingBox 500 and a Roku4 that I plan to have work together. Totally wired, connected through Ethernet cable. What is required to get these devices to stream and communicate with each other??

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