Slingplayer now available for Roku TV!

Roku’s products are an excellent way to get content onto a big-screen TV, and we’ve long touted Slingbox as the perfect companion product to Roku. Putting them together allows you to watch anything you get on your home TV’s cable or satellite package on a big-screen TV anywhere — whether that TV is in another room of your own house, at a college dorm room in another state, or in a hotel halfway around the world.

Up until recently, Roku delivered its experience only via peripheral devices you hooked up to a TV — either in the form of a small set-top box or a tiny stick that plugs into a HDMI port. But now, Roku has released a new product that integrates its features into a TV set automatically — the Roku TV, which are being manufactured by TCL and Hisense. The first model has been getting great reviews — here’s an “excellent” rating from CNET — and we’re pleased to announce that the Slingplayer channel for Roku, which is available for free in the Roku Channel Store, now supports the Roku TV. Like our existing implementation on Roku devices, you’ll need Slingplayer for iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet to make it all work — a mobile device is required to send your home TV content to the other TV, control the channels, control the DVR, and so forth.

We’re also happy to note that this update to the Slingplayer channel on Roku increases the maximum picture quality on all Roku devices and fixes a few bugs.

Slingbox is the best way to get live TV on a Roku TV and we’re happy to be part of this cool new product. If you want to watch your home TV content on another TV, we hope you’ll give Roku or one of our other connected device options (Chromecast and Apple TV) a try.

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