Slingbox and VOXX partnership will bring Slingplayer to vehicles

Here at Slingbox, our mission has always been about providing the freedom to enjoy your home TV content anywhere in the world. Thanks to the partnership with VOXX International Corporation we announced today, soon we’ll be bringing your home TV directly into your car or truck.

VOXX’s wholly-owned subsidiary VOXXHirschmann, which specializes in automotive consumer electronics, will work with Sling Media to integrate Slingplayer into the EVO system of rear seat entertainment options. The EVO system will be available in a number of form factors, including customized headrest systems, seat back mounted displays or overhead flip down monitors.

So whether you have kids in your backseat who want to watch their shows while you drive to a vacation spot or friends who want to watch pregame coverage while you drive to a game, you’ll soon have the opportunity to make that happen — with the same technology you use to watch Slingplayer on a laptop, tablet, phone or second TV (via Chromecast, Roku or Apple TV). The Slingbox technology is expected to be integrated into the EVO system within 12-18 months.

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