Top 10 Most Watched of the Week (entertainment): Happening Now enters the list, appropriately


Your 10 most watched programs of the week on Slingbox, non-sports edition, were as follows. Check after the list for a few quick thoughts on this week’s most watched home entertainment:

1. Today
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. The Voice
4. Good Morning America
5. Happening Now
6. SpongeBob SquarePants
7. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
8. Family Guy
9. Teen Titans Go!
10. Criminal Minds

Happening Now is a Fox News show that airs twice every weekday, hosted by Jenna Lee and Jon Scott. I can’t say exactly why it reached our top 10 list this week when it hasn’t appeared previously, but I do know that “Happening Now” is a ridiculously appropriate way to describe the way our customers use their Slingboxes!

Other than Happening Now, the other shows that Slingbox users watched as they were happening were very familiar to anyone who follows this list — every other show on the top 10 has appeared many times recently. The only other mild surprise was that The Big Bang Theory and The Voice managed to break up the morning show duopoly at the top, knocking GMA to No. 4, while Today still reigned supreme.

We’ll be back tomorrow with our sports top 10.

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