Top 10 most watched of the week (entertainment): Shonda Rhimes shows Anatomize and Scandalize the list


Our 10 most watched programs of the week on Slingbox, non-sports edition, were as follows. Check after the list for a few quick thoughts on this week’s most watched home entertainment:

1. The Big Bang Theory
2. Game of Thrones
3. Today
4. Grey’s Anatomy
6. The Voice
7. Criminal Minds
8. Keeping Up with the Kardashians
9. Good Morning America
10. Scandal

Shonda Rhimes is well-known for creating ABC juggernauts Grey’s Anatomy (by now a seasoned veteran in its 11th season) and Scandal (just hitting its prime in its 4th). Both shows made it onto our top 10 this week — we’ll have to wait to see if Rhimes can ever make it a trifecta by making her other currently airing series How To Get Away With Murder on as well.

Meanwhile, we again saw huge numbers watching Game of Thrones online, which is something we can expect to continue for as long as the fifth season’s 10 episodes are airing. It should be mentioned that we also saw tons of people watching The Big Bang Theory online, as the CBS comedy shows absolutely no signs of slowing down in its eighth season.

We’ll be back tomorrow with our sports top 10.

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