Slingbox Infographic: With Slingbox, your TV knows no borders

If you have a Slingbox, you know that it lets you watch your TV away from home. We love to hear about customers who use theirs to watch while hanging out in the backyard, waiting in line at the supermarket, or even at work (we won’t tell). But Slingbox lets you take your TV farther — a lot farther. You can use your Slingbox anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, with no geographical restrictions whatsoever. That’s something that the big cable companies can’t come close to matching.

When it comes to watching TV while traveling, whether its on a business trip or a pleasure trip, Slingbox users are an impressive bunch. We combed the data to find how and where they’ve watched across international borders, and the results were fascinating. For instance, the longest session (by distance) in Slingbox history was when a Slingbox in Taipei, Taiwan was watched by someone in Asuncion, Paraguay. That’s 12,380 miles — only 65 miles short of being exactly half the Earth’s circumference!

Check out more of our most extreme sessions, as well as some interesting facts about which international destinations Americans are most likely to watch their Slingboxes in, in this infographic:


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