Slingbox Backyard Party Extravaganza

Chris, our newest addition to the Slingbox family was the lucky winner of our Madness Cubed Sweepstakes. This was a unique sweepstakes that offered someone the chance to decorate their cube at work and throw their officemates a March Madness party.

However, due to timing of games, we decided to morph this fun office cube party into a Slingbox themed backyard party for Chris and his closest friends and family.

On the day of the Slingbox party, it was hot and sunny, so it was a perfect reason for Chris and gang to watch the game outside.

The party was a success and there was even a Slingbox 500 shaped cake! The actual Slingbox was a party favorite, (the cake was pretty good too) allowing people to enjoy the sun and the game. Just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean you can’t take your shows with you.

Congrats on a great party and winning a new Slingbox Chris!


Chris’s TV was set-up in the backyard and all he needed was WiFi and power to watch 100% of his cable in his backyard


When Chris’s friends and family weren’t watching the Slingbox, they were filling up on the delicious food! 


Ever seen a Slingbox 500 shaped cake? We haven’t either!

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