Stretch the cord, don’t cut it: how your cable subscription is still relevant


Streaming media is becoming a large part in consumers’ TV viewing habits and while a main mission of ours is to provide TV on-the-go, we also want to let you know that cord cutting isn’t for everyone. We believe there is still life for your cable subscription; all you have to do is extend the experience further than your living room.

Who else is backing our train of thought? Well, the cable companies of course! On July 26, a group of broadcasters and cable networks launched a campaign targeted toward building awareness for their TV Everywhere platforms, a viewing experience offered by TV service providers through websites and apps.  Consumers easily caught on to streaming services, but the cable industry hasn’t seen the same love when it comes to their mobile viewing options. To resolve the issue, the new campaign will blanket social media, TV screens and webpages to encourage consumers to start watching their cable subscriptions on-the-go.

The good news for the cable companies is that the amount of videos played on TV Everywhere platforms increased nearly 300 percent, according to a study performed by Adobe. But the issue for consumers lies in the fact that these platforms aren’t always giving you everything you’re paying for. According to the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing in a recent article on Reuters, not all networks are available on all devices through TV Everywhere platforms.

That’s where Slingbox comes in. We help you make the most of what you’re already paying for by providing 100 percent of the TV programming you get through your cable subscription, anywhere you want from any mobile device.  Slingbox also works with popular “streamer” devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Google Chromecast so that you can watch your live TV and DVR content on a large screen TV while you’re on the road.

We are a society that is always on-the-go, but we also love catching our favorite TV shows, home team games and local programming. These are the types of things that connect us and make the world go round – but how do you get the best of both worlds?  The current TV ecosystem places restrictions on consumers regarding how, when and where content is viewed, but we believe everyone should be empowered to connect in real-time to the video content that makes them happy.

While cutting the cord is a cultural phenomenon, there is still value in traditional cable subscriptions, as long as you aren’t feeling limited or tied down by your service. For those of you who still have cable, join us in extending the TV experience and bringing new life to your current entertainment packages.

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One comment on “Stretch the cord, don’t cut it: how your cable subscription is still relevant

  1. Jeff says:

    Impossible to “cut the cord” if you’re a sports fan.

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