Shop ‘til You Drop: Our First Interactive Slingbox Retail Experience Shop Opens in San Francisco

img_8134On the heels of our Slingbox M2 announcement, we are excited to share that for the first time we have opened an interactive Slingbox Retail Experience Shop. Located in the Westfield Mall in downtown San Francisco near Market Street and situated next to the Microsoft Store, this limited time experience was designed to give consumers an in-depth preview of our products and how they can become essential tools for watching live and recorded home TV content anywhere in the world.

There’s nothing like hands-on learning and our new shop will give mall patrons the opportunity to experience our products for themselves while learning more about Slingbox with the help of onsite brand experts. Shop-goers can meet with our Slingbox representatives who will walk them through our key features including viewing and managing live TV programs or DVR recordings on-the-go, free app downloads and crystal clear quality. Additionally, the representatives will give a demo of every step of the setup and usage process so potential customers feel comfortable with the entire Slingbox experience.  What’s more, customers can actually purchase the recently announced Slingbox M2 and  Slingbox 500 at this new shop to start their “TV Anywhere” experience immediately.

Whether a seasoned Slingbox vet or someone new to the platform, the shop will open your eyes to how Slingbox extends your TV viewing experience past your living room, bringing new value to your typical cable and satellite TV subscriptions.

For years, Slingbox has made it possible for consumers to watch their live TV sports, local news and entertainment programs on their PCs, Macs and mobile devices in an easy and effortless manner.  For anyone who hasn’t used our products before, this interactive Retail Experience Shop will help paint a clear picture of what our “TV Anywhere” service offers. As the only company delivering 100 percent access to live and recorded video content on-the-go, we don’t want you to miss out on the experience just because you aren’t familiar with it.

If you’re in the area from now through mid-September, stop by and check out our interactive Slingbox Retail Experience Shop for yourself. We promise it will be worth it!

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