From shows, to games, to commercials: people are still looking for a real TV experience

img_8372v2Variety recently reported that in 2016 CBS will live-stream all national ads running during the 50th Super Bowl – something never done before. For half a century, the only way we were able to see the infamous beer ads and car commercials was through broadcasting the game directly to our TVs. However, with the shift in how we consume our programming, there also has to be a shift in how we consume our ads. When companies select spots for advertisements, they have the choice between live-streaming and TV, but with Super Bowl being notorious for airing the best commercials of the year, CBS wanted to ensure their customers and advertising partners aren’t missing out on any of the action, no matter where people will be watching the game.

With this new revelation we have to ask ourselves, are people still looking for that true TV viewing experience even if they aren’t necessarily using their TV? Receiving your programming whenever and wherever you want is about convenience rather than re-hauling the way the industry works entirely. Streaming TV services provide us with the ability to binge-watch our favorite shows but they are lacking when it comes to providing live content. The same goes for TV Everywhere platforms that only offer content on a limited basis, even when it comes to the ads we see during our favorite programs.

Slingbox provides users with a truly authentic TV experience because what you’re seeing on your mobile device is exactly what you would be watching on your TV screen at home. There is importance in catching that game-winning hit, seeing the live airing of your favorite shows and experiencing the newest commercials – all in real time. An added bonus for sports lovers, the Slingbox is also compatible with streamers, including Apple TV®, Chromecast®, Fire TV® and Roku® – allowing you to project the big game and all its commercials on any TV set, remotely!

While CBS will be live-streaming and broadcasting the most popular ads of the year, the Super Bowl is its only exception, so what about the rest of the commercials and content you’re missing? Don’t sacrifice anything for convenience or quality, Slingbox offers both!

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