Back-to-school showdown: Slingbox makes home TV viewing easy for both parents and students


It’s back-to-school season, the time of year that’s bittersweet for both students and parents.  During August and September, moms and dads are trying to get their younger kids back into the groove of early mornings and homework while college students are moving into their dorms, meeting new roommates and realizing they are far from home. With all the difficult things that come with this time of year, there’s one thing you can always enjoy and that’s TV!

Parents, you’ve finally managed to get your oldest off to college; however, you still have a few more years of after-school programs, soccer practice and dance rehearsals left for the younger ones. These activities leave no time to make it home to watch your favorite shows that’s where Slingbox comes in. While you’re outside waiting for the bell to ring or for practice to end, Slingbox allows you to watch your favorite TV shows on any personal device, including phones, tablets and computers. Whether it’s the most popular reality show on television, your favorite daytime soap opera or Monday night football – watch while you wait.(Don’t worry, they’ll be 18 before you know it)

College kids, although you’re free from younger siblings, household chores and the reign of your parents, there is still no place like home. But you can still find the comforts of home right from your own dorm room by watching your favorite television shows or enjoying your home team football games with Slingbox. According to a study by Marketing Charts, the average college student owns seven technical devices; the most popular device owned was the laptop with 85 percent of the vote, while the television landed at 60 percent and DVR only 18 percent. With Slingbox, you can tap into your parent’s premium cable subscription to access your home content from your dorm room or even in between classes, using your laptop, computer, phone, or tablet. If you do have a TV in your dorm, you can even connect to your Slingbox at home through Apple TV®, Chromecast®, Fire TV® and Roku®.

Check out Slingbox while you’re doing your back-to-school shopping this year–it may just make this season that much easier!

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One comment on “Back-to-school showdown: Slingbox makes home TV viewing easy for both parents and students

  1. c J says:

    Sounds good except it won’t work for us – Slingbox 500 – only audio and no video – Conflict with HDCP rights and HDMI and composite set up – been troubleshooting it and from what I read – need to buy a third party HDMI adapter to make it work – does anyone have any experience? I can get it to work for a few min and then it goes back to audio only on the local TV as well as the slingbox?

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