Create your own TV experience: whenever and wherever you feel the need


When it comes to watching our favorite TV shows, technology has definitely played a role in the different options we have when it comes to our choice of devices. A majority of us have watched a TV show on our phone, tablet or laptop. As a result, there has been a general question of concern when it comes to the sustainability of paid TV programming. It seems as though cable services have become less of a necessity due to our easy access to the Internet and streaming TV shows online.

However, according to a recent report from Media Post, paid cable services have not endured any major decline in business. In the past four years, the number of U.S. households with paid TV programming have only decreased by 2 percent.  Subscribers are actually making changes to their cable packages to better cater to their needs, but not necessarily ending their subscriptions all together. According to the article, Parks Associates reported that 11 percent of subscribers cut or downgraded their packages, while 9 percent of subscribers actually upgraded their packages to include premium channels, DVRs and more.

To ensure all of your needs are being catered to when it comes to televised entertainment, Slingbox provides you with the ability to take your favorite TV show or sports program with you, no matter where you go. That’s right – if you just recently upgraded your cable subscription but have a business trip coming up that will hinder you from watching those premium channels, Slingbox lets you access these programs on your mobile device, whether it be live TV or DVR content. In addition, Slingbox also works with streaming devices such as Apple TV®, Chromecast®, Fire TV® or Roku®, allowing you to tap into your subscription from a second TV.

Slingbox will help enhance paid TV programming subscriptions by allowing consumers to access the packages they are paying for, whenever and wherever they feel the need! In the midst of changing and upgrading paid TV subscriptions, subscribers should consider adding Slingbox to maximize their day-to-day TV experience and minimize the chance of missing the shows, games and movies they pay for when they’re not at home.

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One comment on “Create your own TV experience: whenever and wherever you feel the need

  1. Lorna Martin says:

    i have a wii player that plays my netflisx how can i get my sling on the tvm with the wii?l

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