What’s new: product launches in the world of tech

Image Credit Engadget

Image credit: Engadget

We are still revved up by the launch of our Slingbox M2 and as the excitement keeps on going, we can’t help but celebrate all the other new product announcements that have been happening in the tech community over the past few weeks. So you can share in our enthusiasm, we wanted to give you a quick rundown.

First and foremost, there have been some exciting rumors around the launch of the new Apple TV. According to Engadget, the official reveal will be held on Sept. 9 but for what we know now, one of the biggest additions will be the new universal search feature. This is exciting as it will help users identify the cheapest way to watch their favorite content by searching a number of databases, such as Netflix, in addition to iTunes. Also, it’s expected that the new version will offer both an 8GB model and 16GB option, perfect for anyone looking to download and run more apps.

Next up is the new 75-inch 4K UHD TV from Sony that was unveiled by the brand just last week. Its enormous screen isn’t the only feature that makes this product appealing – it’s also extremely thin at 15mm deep and can be hung almost flush against the wall or stood on sleek aluminum feet. The TV will also be HDR compatible, which means it combines the best shots to create dramatic, high-quality images for an even more realistic viewing experience.

We know we’ve already given Apple some love, but they never stop! Along with the launch of the new Apple TV, they are also set to release the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. According to an article on Forbes, the iPhone 6S will be even bigger than the iPhone 6. Who doesn’t love a large screen to watch your favorite TV shows on while you’re out-and-about?

What’s so great about these announcements, you ask? Well, all of the new products can be connected to your Slingbox in some way! These tech revelations will bring your TV anywhere experience to a whole new level – and just in time for the NFL kickoff and fall TV show premieres!

We cannot wait to ”sling” all of our favorite content to these new items. Are you as excited as we are?

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One comment on “What’s new: product launches in the world of tech

  1. JT says:

    Hope you all will be announcing you are building an apple TV app soon.

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