TV Anywhere: More than a trend, a lifestyle change

With today’s innovative technology, we have the ability to stream media anywhere in the world. The idea of having TV Anywhere by simply streaming media to personal devices has finely tuned our television experience and is slowly but surely taking over the industry.

According to Adobe’s Digital Video Benchmark report, the active viewership of TV Anywhere among pay-TV viewers has increased 19 percent in the past year. In addition, FierceCable released statistics that the usage of TV Anywhere apps was up 200 percent in Q2 of 2015. This data is proof that TV Anywhere has become more than a trend, but a part of our lifestyle.

Slingbox plays a huge role in this lifestyle change by providing devices that allow users to take advantage of their television subscriptions, wherever is convenient and on multiple mobile devices. Adobe also released findings that indicate TV-viewing frequency on mobile devices continues to increase each year with tablets seeing the strongest year-over-year growth of 29 percent.

Another perk of Slingbox is its ability to stream any content that’s available with your TV subscription. We know sports fans live and die by their Slingboxes; however, TV shows and movies rank as the most frequently viewed channel types among online viewers.

Adobe also found that TV-connected devices have become the top pick for binge watchers. That’s good news for you TV fanatics who can also connect your Slingbox with your streaming devices, such as Apple TV®, Chromecast®, Fire TV® and Roku®.

If you’re itching for more consumer data on online viewing and TV Anywhere habits, check out Adobe’s Video Benchmark report here.

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