The Republicans return with another record-setting debate: Top 10 Entertainment

Our 10 most-watched programs of the week on Slingbox, non-sports edition, were as follows. Check after the list for a few quick thoughts on this week’s most watched home entertainment:

1. CNN Republican Debate
2. Today
3. Fear the Walking Dead
4. The Big Bang Theory

5. Big Brother
6. America’s Got Talent
7. El Senor de los Cielos
8. Dancing With the Stars
9. Game of Thrones
10. The Young and the Restless

The second Republican debate may have switched networks, moving from FOX News to CNN, but it again claimed the top spot on our list.

With more than 23.1 million viewers tuning in, the debate was the most-watched program in CNN’s history. It also set the record for the most words spoken in a televised presidential debate. According to USA Today more than 34,000 words were spoken in the marathon three-plus hour event.

Tune in to the third Republican debate on CNBC with your Slingbox on October 28.

We’ll be back Friday with sports.

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