Why You’ll Be Falling in Love with TV This Season


It’s officially fall and now that the cold weather is approaching, people will begin taking the fun indoors. While we will all miss the sun and sand, the great news is that during this time of year, there is a surge of amazing TV content we won’t want to miss.

For starters, some of the most popular TV shows return during the fall. In fact, ABC just aired its first night of Thank God It’s Thursday (TGIT) on Sept. 24. The season kicked off with back-to-back new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal. Overall, the month of September aired more than 50 show premieres and the new content will continue through October with another 40 on the schedule.

Fall is also best for football fans looking to catch their favorite teams on TV. Whether rooting for a college or professional team, there’s nothing like watching the games with a few of your closest friends.  According to our recent lists of the 10 most-watched programs on Slingbox, NFL has been taking the first few spots since the start of the season.

Finally, this year’s GOP debates have been bringing in larger crowds than ever. The second Republican debate, which aired on Sept. 17, had more than 23.1 million viewers tune in, which made it the most watched program in CNN history. The debates have also been a huge hit with Slingbox users – the first two took the top spot on our 10 most-watched programs list during those weeks. Don’t forget to catch the next round on Oct. 28; we’ll be anxiously awaiting the ratings for that one as well!

If you’re someone who is always on-the-go or living away from home, there’s no need to worry about missing a sports game or your favorite television show this fall. You can “sling” all your favorite TV and DVR content directly to your mobile devices and laptop or even to a second TV using streamers like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Chromecast. Whether at home or tuning in remotely, Slingbox will make it easy to stay on top of everything from TGIT, to Sunday Football, the presidential debates and more.

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2 comments on “Why You’ll Be Falling in Love with TV This Season

  1. ej pine says:

    Slingbox airs ABC? Where can I find it?

  2. Jeff says:

    Will you be updating the Slingplayer app for the new Amazon Fire TV?

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