The State of TV: Cord Cutting Isn’t Taking Over


Cord cutting – it’s a phenomenon that’s been around for quite some time but has been building steam as the options for viewing your TV content online increases. However, much to our excitement, it seems that while cord cutting is growing, traditional cable subscriptions still have a place in our TV viewing habits.

According to a new report by Evercore ISI, a global investment banking advisory firm, the high losses in subscribers that pay-TV services have been experiencing over the last few months will begin to die down. In fact, they predict that between October and December this year, subscribers will be down by only 40,000 compared to almost 600,000 between April and June. While these dips in users are still a bit frightening for the cable industry, it shows that cord cutting isn’t completely infecting traditional TV.

Now that we know cord cutting isn’t taking over, what does this all mean for the state of TV?

When looking at cord cutters, Millennials are the generation catching on the most but they don’t make up the entire TV-watching population. New data released by ABC during Advertising Week showed that 28 percent of their prime-time show viewings among 18 to 34 year old occur from video-on-demand and online streaming but when looking at the bigger picture, live TV viewing still comes out on top for all age groups. Even with Millennials’ support of streaming TV services, there’s nothing like watching the live airing of your favorite programs and it looks like this will continue to remain the preferred way for watching TV, especially for older audiences.

Between the two reports, it seems like both cord cutting and traditional TV has a place in our TV viewing ecosystem – how you watch just depends on your own personal preferences. This is why we give you the best of both worlds. With Slingbox, you have the ability to watch both live and recorded TV content from wherever you have an internet connection – whether you are in your living room, on-the-go, traveling, or living away from home. You don’t have to be tied down to one place in order to catch the live airing of your favorite show or game; and if you’d rather watch shows from your DVR, you have that option through Slingbox as well. If you’re having a hard time cutting the cord but want the option to tap into your cable subscription from anywhere in the world, Slingbox is for you!

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2 comments on “The State of TV: Cord Cutting Isn’t Taking Over

  1. surferjack says:

    very good article We cut the cord and have had only a few little problems ,however ,with our other cable tv outages were frequent for sure

  2. Bruzer says:

    Over-the air broadcast TV IS traditional TV; cable/satellite/streaming are newer viewing forms.

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