The Pros and Cons of an NFL Live Stream

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Last Sunday, Yahoo became the first-ever online outlet to offer a free live-stream of an NFL game. Over 15.2 million fans logged on to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Buffalo Bills in London and while this was a huge event for Yahoo, some viewers tuning in were left a little underwhelmed.

When Yahoo first announced its plan in early October, football fans and advertisers alike were jumping for joy at the news. Thirty advertisers signed up to air spots during the webcast and with one billion users, Yahoo’s projection for viewership was high. According to an article on the New York Times, the globally streamed game was an experiment to see how popular the American game was internationally and to also determine the success of an NFL game when aired digitally. Yahoo exceeded its initial goal for the game and when crunching the numbers, the experiment was a success – but according to some media and viewers, it could have been better.

Business Insider editor Cork Gaines tuned in to watch the game and reported back on his experience, mentioning that he didn’t expect to watch a perfect stream but there were far too many glitches and instances of freezing for him to enjoy the game. After exploring the issues further, Gaines determined that those who watched the game on streamers, such as Roku or Apple TV, had a better experience than those who tuned in on a computer.

Yahoo made internet history this weekend but there are still some improvements that need to be made when trying to live stream sports. We know how important it is to catch your hometown football game without experiencing any issues and that’s why Slingbox offers real-time, uncompromised access to live sporting events without blackouts – and that includes international sports too! Simply hook your Slingbox up to the cable box of your choice and you will never miss a play. Are you using Slingbox to root for your favorite football team?

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