DVR vs Live Viewing: Which Will Top?

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Viewers are starting to watch more and more of their favorite broadcast shows on their DVRs instead of live. Within just six weeks, the number of broadcast shows that were watched with a DVR rather than during their live air time has increased, according to a recent report on Media Life.

An example of this is NBC’S popular series, “The Blacklist.”  According to Nielsen data, the show had a higher seven- day-DVR- playback rating than live-same-day rating during the week of October 12. The previous week, ABC’s “Quantico” saw the same type of ratings, where its DVR playback rating exceeded its live numbers. Additionally, the CW’s, “The Originals” is also seeing higher DVR ratings, even though it is a much younger-skewing network.

As the fall television season has progressed, the percentage of DVR-playbacks has continued to increase and even outnumber live-viewing in some cases. This raises the possibility that some shows could average more DVR views than live views over their entire season. As for NBC, ABC and the CW, this would be the first time this has ever occurred for television shows within their network.

So, why are our live and DVR viewing habits changing now more than ever? For one, DVR technology has become easier to access at a more affordable cost with your cable subscription. This enables an increased number of TV viewers to join the DVR community and begin watching shows on their own terms. That leads us to the next benefit – viewing your shows when it works for you. With DVR players, you can record hours of TV content and watch later. No longer do you have to stick to a certain schedule but you finally have the ability to be entertained by TV on your on time.

It is unknown whether or not DVRs will completely take over when it comes to viewing your favorite programs but this recent data has given us a good idea of what’s to come. If you’re among the large group of DVR-watchers, don’t forget that you too can view and manage all of your recordings with your Slingplayer app on any of your devices! Slingbox is the only solution on the market that allows you to remotely view both your recorded DVR and live television content at the same time.

How do you prefer to watch your favorite TV shows?

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One comment on “DVR vs Live Viewing: Which Will Top?

  1. Doug in SF says:

    I DVR everything so I can skip the annoying ads. So, if I record a program at 8pm and start watching at 8:15 pm to skip thru the commercials, is that considered live viewing or DVR viewing?

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