Viewership down but TV is stronger than ever


Some of the most popular networks on television are experiencing their show’s ratings drop but for the first time since the 1950’s, the fall TV season has lived into November without seeing a single one nixed from the schedule, according to an article on Among this list is Fox’s “Minority Report,” ABC’s “Blood & Oil” and NBC’s “The Player.”

Viewers are no longer watching their favorite shows during the time slot it normally airs, but that doesn’t mean they’re not watching them at all. Thanks to technological improvements such as DVRs and TV Anywhere platforms like Slingbox, viewers are able to watch TV on their own terms. This has resulted in an absence of show cancellations that will continue to change the television industry moving forward.

Instead of networks canceling a show all together, they have come up with a new strategy to preserve the programs they worked so hard to create. They have decided to cut the number of episodes from an average 26 episode run down to just 10 or 12 per season. Studio executives don’t want to cut a show completely when the reasoning behind bad ratings may just be a scheduling or marketing issue.  Also, with the option to record content or watch from different devices, the shows will still have plenty of viewers.

It is difficult to make predictions about the television industry, especially with new technologies continually entering the space. However, it is safe to say that the possibility of a show getting cancelled is slimmer than it’s been in the past – but don’t be upset if the amount of episodes is cut down in an effort to preserve its run all together. Even if the season of your favorite show isn’t as long as you’d hope, tune in to watch with your Slingbox! Our device expands and extends the value of your current cable TV or satellite subscription and will help you keep up with all of your fall TV favorites.


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One comment on “Viewership down but TV is stronger than ever

  1. Gene Dicks says:

    My sling boxes channel remot won’t work.

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