Clearing up the confusion: Slingbox vs Sling TV

Sling vs Sling

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion between Slingbox and Sling TV; in fact, we’ve heard some consumers aren’t aware that they are actually two different companies!  This is completely understandable as Sling Media, Inc. products have been around since 2004 – however, Sling TV is not a service that falls within our family.

In an effort to clear things up, we wanted to share a quick rundown of the differences between the two. While both are great options, Slingbox and Sling TV have very different features and are intended for two different types of viewing preferences.

Let’s talk Slingbox first.  Founded in 2004, the original Slingbox was created to help TV enthusiasts watch their at-home cable or satellite live TV content while traveling or on-the-go.  By connecting a Slingbox to your cable or satellite box, users can watch and control 100 percent of their live or recorded content that they already pay for, anywhere in the world, on any internet-connected device. You can even “sling” your content to a second TV by using a streamer like Roku or Fire TV! Since getting started, we have developed a number of products including the Slingbox 350, Slingbox 500, Slingbox M1 and the newest member of our lineup, the Slingbox M2.

Slingbox is a great option for TV lovers who already pay for a cable or satellite subscription but have a need to watch and access their live and recorded TV content on-the-go, without any restrictions.

Sling TV on the other hand is an over-the-top internet television platform that provides members with a selection of major cable channels that can be streamed through mobile devices, computers and smart TVs. Revealed in January 2015, Sling TV is a great compliment to subscription-based video services such as Netflix or Hulu and does not require a cable or satellite subscription – in fact, it was created as an alternative to them. With over 65 channels available, you can watch all the best of live TV for only $20 a month and don’t have to worry about putting your money towards channels you don’t want or need.

Sling TV is a great choice for cord cutters who don’t require the full offerings of cable but instead are looking for an affordable, no hassle option to view a selection of the top TV content.

While different companies, both Slingbox and Sling TV are dedicated to making our consumers happy and if you have questions about your services, make sure you are directing them to the right place. For Slingbox inquiries, please visit and for Sling TV, go to

As we mentioned – two great options, two very different products. Which one fits your TV viewing needs?

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8 comments on “Clearing up the confusion: Slingbox vs Sling TV

  1. David says:

    Yes, let’s get it straight. Slingbox is the company who used false advertising with all their previous customers. After I paid for three slingboxes the company added advertising to Slingplayer.

    So basically if you want to watch your own tv on your own desktop computer after purchasing Slingbox at full price, you will be required to watch advertisements the entire time! I not only paid for the Slingboxes, but I also had to pay for the Apps for my ipads and iphones and still I am forced to watch advertisements on my desktop.

    Buyer beware of this unprofessional and scammer company!

    • Craig says:

      David, how are you being scammed? What is unprofessional about recouping the costs of something they are giving you for free by putting an ad that you can elect to ignore or not even see with the click of your mouse at the bottom of your screen?

      I currently use two slingboxes, I have an old HD Pro and a newer 500. I started slinging almost daily from the mid to late 2000’s……

      While I agree in “the old days” you didn’t see ads, in either of my current boxes case, I now only see a full screen ad when I first open the player and even then I can “skip ad” after a few seconds if it doesn’t interest me and at that point I see no more of those types of ads till the next logon.

      So for you to say the ads stay on during your entire viewing time, you are obviously talking about the banner ads at the bottom of the page. I always watch in “fullscreen” or with the “pop-out player” so in “non-full screen mode” the ads are there in banner form at the bottom of the page but they do not block the TV frame in anyway, so whats the big deal? If you don’t want to see them, watch in full screen or pop-out mode and viola, they are gone.

      If those oh so annoying ads help offset the cost of operating the dyn DNS servers that supply the connections between the client and the slingbox and keep me from having to pay anything past the purchase price…..I’m good with it.

      As I see it Sling media is working at continually giving more “updates” to the boxes and improvements to compressions and now are giving away the apps to stream on mobile devices and so far, I have never paid for any of that.

      I was a little miffed that I did pay 20 or 30 bucks for the android app back in the day and now they are giving it away free. But after thinking about it……. I have taken advantage of the free app for my iPad, my wife’s android and my other tablet so hey, can you really complain because they have advanced to a point where they can now give away something they once charged for? Thats like complaining that the state has taken away the toll booths and fees on a toll road because they recouped their money on the asphalt.

      Ads are the only way they can offset the operating costs of providing you your free streaming. So unless you would prefer them charge you a connection subscription fee or even worse, just go out of business and leave your slingbox as valuable as a brick, get over the banners at the bottom of the page and just watch your TV.

      • Mark says:

        “Ads are the only way they can offset the operating costs of providing you your free streaming”

        Not true. They do not need to use their server as intermediary third parties. If they would reactivate local connections there would be no need for Slingbox’s servers to be involved, other than to facilitate a connection using Slingbox accounts. Even that would be unnecessary on a local connection if you could just enter the IP address and Port number of the Slingbox.

        Plex offers the same service to it’s “customers” without advertisements or fees as well. So it can be done. Slingbox just wants to be a MITM and charge already paying customers more.

        In other words, your argument doesn’t hold up.

  2. Many thanks for the suggestions, I will try to take advantage of it.

  3. Larry says:

    WOW….it is now November 2016 and I am just now discovering that Slingbox and Sling TV are different. Of course, what led me to investigate was that the Sling TV app did not seem to have all the features that I currently have with Slingbox 🙂

  4. De says:

    Since Slingbox was around for over ten years before Sling came along, I don’t know why they chose such a similar name as another company in a very similar business. They must have known this would create confusion and that people would assume that this was a service from Slingbox. I’m surprised that Slingbox allowed them to use the name Sling and didn’t file some kind of complaint to make them change their name. Would have been the smart thing to do. Less confusion for both companies and their customers.

  5. Are they REALLY different? Sling Box password change page is …thus sharing the same URL as the Sling TV site. Wonder how is this possible with two “different” companies. If they were really two different companies one would be suing the other for name infringement, especially with such related services.

  6. DanGarion says:

    For those that are confused, Sling Media licensed the use of the Sling brand to Dish for the Sling Television OTT service. That is why the names are so similar.

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