Slingbox Sighting: 4 Stars & Editor’s Choice on PC Mag

PC Mag

Since we launched the Slingbox M2 this past summer, you may have seen the new device featured on websites like Bloomberg, USA Today and Woman’s Day and reviewed on several top tech blogs including Twice, TechCrunch and more.  We are always thrilled to come across coverage about Slingbox and wanted to highlight a new feature on PC Mag, which you can read here.

Senior Analyst Will Greenwald reviews the Slingbox M2 and gives it a close to perfect rating with four out of five stars, calling our TV Anywhere platform “excellent.” During his review, Greenwald touches on one of the main questions we’ve been asked about the launch of the M2 – how is it different than the M1? Providing a great explanation, he dives into details about how we continue to use the same industry leading technology as the M1 in terms of its design, setup process and how it functions with the Slingplayer apps – however, we’ve upgraded the Slingplayer platform by including unlimited app downloads in the price of the M2, ultimately saving our consumers money, especially those who have multiple mobile devices.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what Greenwald has to say about the M2:

“The price hike for the M2 itself might seem unpalatable, but the M1 required the purchase of Slingplayer apps to watch content on mobile devices. These apps were $15 each, so if you wanted to stream to multiple platforms, you could easily end up spending more than $200. With that in mind, the M2’s price hike seems fair, since Android, Fire TV, iOS, OS X, Roku, Windows, and Windows Mobile apps are now all freely available.”

We couldn’t have explained it better ourselves, PC Mag!

Which model of the Slingbox do you have at home?

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3 comments on “Slingbox Sighting: 4 Stars & Editor’s Choice on PC Mag

  1. James Smith says:

    The article leaves out the point that while the apps are now “freely available”, the free versions of the apps have ads inserted, while the paid versions do not.
    So, it’s not that the apps are actually getting free, you’re getting a free “version” of the app.
    Good that there’s progress, but we prefer not be misled by semantics.
    Now, can we see some more progress with the Desktop App and Mobile apps by not ignoring your forum users and looking into the following points that users have been clamoring for:
    1. Allowing removal of Ads in the Desktop App
    2. Allowing Proxy Settings to be configured in the apps (at least for the Desktop version)
    3. Restoring the ability to connect directly to the Slingbox either by IP address or the Slingbox Finder code
    4. Restoring the ability to change quality settings to high or low on the mobile apps
    5. Restoring the ability to add custom remotes for new devices that are not yet in the Slingbox database
    6. The release of an Apple TV 4 app, or at the very least, an approximate date, even if off by a month or two

  2. James Smith says:

    Lol. And now they announce on Twitter that they are NOT working on an AppleTV app? Way to ignore the #1 requested thing of your customers (check the forums and Twitter feeds to verify)

  3. gwguruman says:

    I was waiting for the SlingPlayer AppleTV app to arrive, so I can stop using my WD LiveTV unit that has the SP app in it.

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