EchoStar’s Products Rack Up the Wins at 2016 Consumer Electronics Show


The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, which highlights the latest tech products and innovations for the coming year, just wrapped up a few weeks ago in Las Vegas, NV. Attracting more than 170,000 attendees worldwide, and with hundreds of product launches announced from the trade show floor, this event was a major success for many brands. This week, we wanted to take the time to recognize the many awards that EchoStar’s newest products won during the show!

EchoStar, owner of Sling Media, engineers DISH Network’s satellite TV solutions. EchoStar and DISH have an impressive track record of taking home awards from CES, and this year wasn’t any different. These wins are exciting for the entire company, but to Sling Media in particular, as our industry-leading technology is integrated in newer DISH set-top boxes. Check out the award wins below:

  • CES Innovations 2016 Design and Engineering Awards: Given by the Consumer Technology Association, these awards are determined by highest engineering qualities, aesthetics, design, function and user value. Having won an Innovation Award every year for the last 10 years, EchoStar kept the streak alive in 2016, as the Hopper 3, Tailgater and Sling TV all were recognized as winners.
  • PC Magazine’s Best of CES 2016: PC Magazine is one of the most influential product reviewers in the industry, as they provide reviews and insights on thousands of tech items throughout the year. The Hopper 3 was named the “Best Home Theater Gear” by this organization, which is truly a high honor.
  • Every year this outlet, which is part of USA Today, selects the best-of-show at CES to receive their Editor’s Choice award. For the last three years, DISH products have won this award. For 2016, Hopper 3 was dubbed the “Most Powerful DVR Ever Built.”
  • Engadget’s Best of CES: Engadget’s Best of CES is the show’s official “Best of” awards. Both the Hopper 3 and HopperGO were recognized as finalists in the Best Home Theater Product category!
  •  CTA’s Mark of Excellence 2016: This award recognizes the best in custom integration and installed technology. The 4K Joey took home the Video Product of the Year award, a first for DISH!

Congratulations, EchoStar—these awards are a true testament to how the brand continues to make cutting-edge products that shape the way people experience TV entertainment!

Which award-winning DISH product is your favorite?

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2 comments on “EchoStar’s Products Rack Up the Wins at 2016 Consumer Electronics Show

  1. John rodriguez says:

    Build a sling catcher now

  2. Chuck Pierson says:

    Why does echostar continue to use traditional hard disk drives in their Hopper when the new technology solid state drives are much more reliable and run much cooler than the traditional HDD? We have had 3 Hoppers go bad on us – the HDD’s went into continuous reboot on all of them.

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