Brace yourselves Slingbox fans. Winter is here! Top 10 Entertainment


Winter is coming. Here are your top 10 entertainment shows from the past week.
1. Game of Thrones
2. Today
3. The Big Bang Theory
4. The Voice
5. ABC News Good Morning America
6. Fear the Walking Dead
7. Super Tuesday 4
8. Grey’s Anatomy
9. America’s Election HQ
10. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Valar morghulis. I swear it, on the old gods and the new that I am the biggest Game of Thrones fan out there. Unlike most people, I thrive off the suspense waiting for the new season to start because when the season premier airs, I am in complete Zen. I don’t want to give out spoilers for those Game of Thrones stragglers who still need to catch up on the first episode, but let me just say, the first episode was shocking, brutal, intense, and kind of gross. But that is just the way we like it.


To give a very brief summary of what has happened prior to Sunday’s episode, I will provide you with a synopsis in three sentences. Winter zombies are coming to take over the human race. Meanwhile, the arrogant kingdoms are fighting over power, and everybody seems to die right as you start to like them as a character. Oh, and there are three badass dragons. Tune in every Sunday on HBO to watch Game of Thrones.

Valar dohaeris. We’ll be back tomorrow with sports.

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