Slingbox fans are playoff ready: Top 10 Sports


The NBA and NHL Playoffs continue to dominate the charts, while soccer maintains their position. Here are this past week’s top 10 sports.

1. NBA: Warriors at Thunder
2. NBA: Cavaliers at Raptors
3. SportsCenter
4. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division
5. Futbol Espanol Copa del Rey
6. 141st Preakness Stakes
7. NASCAR Racing
8. PGA Tour Golf
9. NHL: Blues at Sharks
10. NHL: Penguins at Lightning

As the playoffs continue for both the NBA and the NHL, soccer has continued to maintain their position as one of the most watched sports with a Slingbox. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division and Futbol Espanol Copa del Rey are both tournaments that are currently going on. Futbol Mexicano Primera has been active for a weeks now and a winner will soon be decided. Pachuca or Monterrey? Who will take the title back home with them.

The OKC Thunder have really been showing the Warriors what they are made of. They are now up 3 wins to 1 against the team who had the best regular season record in NBA history. Not only are the chances small that the Warriors can bring this series to 7 games, but my heart has also shattered into a million pieces. A massive amount of Slingbox users watched yesterday’s game, but let’s see if the NHL conference finals can top some of the NBA games.

We’ll be back next week with more top tens!

Game of Thrones is back at it again: Top 15 Entertainment


Keep reading to hear my thoughts on yesterday’s Game of Thrones episode. Warning. Possible spoilers ahead. This past week’s top 15 entertainment shows are as follows:

1. Game of Thrones
2. Today
3. Grey’s Anatomy
4. The Big Bang Theory
6. Empire
7. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
8. Survivor 
9. ABC News Good Morning America
10. Modern Family
11. El Senor de los Cielos
12. Fear the Walking Dead
13. Castle
14. The Blacklist
15. The O’Reilly Factor

Hold the door! Last night’s Game of Thrones episode still has me broken hearted. I will not tell the non-watchers what happened in the last episode, but I am curious to hear what other Game of Thrones fans think will happen. Bran, the crippled son of Ed Stark, has not made a large impact on the show until now. I believe that yesterday’s episode was the start of his star role for the rest of the show. We are beginning to witness how important his character is in the show, and I can’t get that last scene out of my head. The cinematic quality of the entire episode was amazing, and a round of applause to the young Hodor. That was some great acting!

If I keep ranting about Game of Thrones, I will spill all the beans about what happened. Instead, I would like to honorably mention Survivor for making not the top 15, but the top 10 list this past week! round of applause Survivor’s season finale aired last Wednesday, and I was low-key shocked at who won the million dollars. The final three survivors answered questions by the jury, and then the jury voted who will take home the million dollars. In the end, the survivor who literally coasted her way to the final three took home all the cheese. Kind of disappointed.

We’ll be back Wednesday with sports.

Top 15 Sports games watched with a Slingbox this past week



1. NBA: Thunder at Warriors
2. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division
3. SportsCenter
4. Inside the NBA
5. NBA: Raptors at Cavaliers
6. 2016 Players Championship
7. NBA: Raptors at Heat
8. NASCAR Racing
9. Spanish Primera Division Soccer
10. NBA Tip-Off
11. NHL: Sharks at Blues
12. NHL: Lightning at Penguins
13. 2016 NBA Draft Lottery
14. WWE Monday Night RAW
15.NHRA Drag Racing

Last night, the Warriors took the Thunder to town. This was the 2nd game of the Western Conference finals after the Thunder stole game 1 from Oracle arena, due to a collapse by the Warriors in the 4th quarter. Yesterday, the Warriors came out of the gate strong, and eager to win, but so did the Thunder. The reasons the Thunder lost were due to the turnovers and sloppy playing by OKC, while allowing Curry, the MVP, catch hot fire in the 3rd. Let’s see how the Thunder bounce back, after a near 30 point loss, on Sunday in Oklahoma City.

One thing we do know. Slingbox users love soccer. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division is in their semifinals of the tournament, and within a couple weeks we will find out the victor. I added 5 more sports games on the list so that we can follow the NHL playoffs and see which games are watched more by our users. The NHL playoffs are currently in the Western and Eastern conference finals, just like the NBA playoffs, and the fight for the Stanley Cup will be here shortly. Maybe the Sharks and the Warriors can win, and bring two championships back to the Bay.

We’ll be back next week with more top tens! Have a great weekend everybody.

Slingbox user’s Top 25 Entertainment shows this past week

1 (1).jpg

1. Game of Thrones
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. Today
4. Grey’s Anatomy
5. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
7. The Voice
8. Empire
9. ABC News Good Morning America
10. Fear the Walking Dead
11. Modern Family
12. El Senor de los cielos
13. Keeping Up With the Kardashians
14. Castle
15. Scandal
16. Dr. Phil
17. The O’Reilly Factor
18. Family Guy
19. The Blacklist
20. Dateline NBC
21. Blindspot
22. Judge Judy
23. Survivor
24. The Kelly File
25. Once Upon a Time

This week I am going to change things up a little bit. Instead of giving you the redundant top 10 entertainment shows of the past week, I am going to extend the list to 25. That way you will be able to see what other shows are not quite making the cut, but still relevant. One of my favorite shows on this list is Survivor. I know it can be cheesy every now and then, but still, a reality TV show with a chance to win a boat load of cash is always amusing. Add hunger, dehydration, and drama all on a deserted location, and you have yourself one entertaining show.

Of course, Game of Thrones will continue to be the number one show until the season is over, but it is always good to shine the light on the other shows that don’t make the cut. Family guy making the list is pretty comical too. I had no idea that the show is still going on, but I do remember staying up late to watch it.

We will be back Thursday with more top tens, and maybe even a top 25 for sports.

Slingbox’s Top 10 vacation suggestions that will not put a dent in your wallet

Feeling ready to take a vacation but don’t want to miss your favorite shows or sporting events?

How convenient. With a Slingbox you will be able to watch all of your live TV no matter where you decide to vacation. Here are our top 10 travel destinations you should visit that won’t put a dent in your wallet.



If you are looking to experience some beautiful culture shock, you gotta check out Cambodia. With cheap hotels and food for less than a dollar, you will feel bad for paying so little. Backpackers listen up because Cambodia would be the perfect place to go on an excursion with your friends. You can visit the famous Angkor Wat temple (the temple in the picture) and eat a fried fish on a stick. Yum. Check out below for a video of one of Cambodia’s largest food market in Phnom Penh!






Just looking at this picture gives me chills. I have always wanted to go to Vietnam for many reasons, but seeing Ha Long Bay or the Dragon Islands has been on my bucket list for years. You will understand after watching the below video. Anyways, with about $5 a day, you could easily afford food, transportation, or guest homes. Imagine how much you could get by with $10 a day. Also, pho. Pho is insanely delicious and if you have not tried it, I suggest Yelping a pho place tonight and going.





Gyros, souvlaki, kebabs, tzatziki sauce. Oh wow. The list goes on. Greek food plays a large reason why I would love to travel to Greece, but its time for me to get back to the reason why Greece is on this list. Greece seems like an expensive place to travel to, but after doing some research, it really is not bad at all. Airfare to Greece from the U.S can run from $500, which is an amazing deal. The reason why prices are low in Greece is due the ongoing economic difficulties that they are currently facing.




If you are looking for the complete package of scenery, nightlife, and of course food, Argentina is the spot. From forests to mountains to the Iguazu waterfalls (the waterfall in the picture above) Argentina offers a diverse selection of scenic options. Imagine all of the Instagram likes you would be getting by traveling to Argentina and taking pictures like this one. The good thing about Argentina is that it is very easy to find accommodations, transportation, and food for cheap. With about 25$ a day you can easily get by.


Dominican Republic


Want to relax on the beach and drink cold piña coladas in both hands? Then I’d suggest checking out the Dominican Republic. Flying to the Dominican Republic is the cheapest option when you want to visit the Caribbean. With about $30 a day you will cover accommodation, travel, and food. The posh hotels are nice, but since we are on a budget, I would suggest going somewhere that is separated from the tourist traps. But, if you do want to pay for the lavish hotels, rates start at just 90$.



Wow. Now this place looks really cool. I wouldn’t mind spending a couple weeks around the capital Podgorica and just getting lost. The small winding roads, incredible architecture, and the ancient mosques are enough for me to want to go to Montenegro. I haven’t even begun to talk about pricing in Podgorica, but I have already added this place to my monstrous list of places I would like to travel to. Average prices for a hotel in Podgorica are about 50$ a night, a meal for one would cost about $5, and a beer for a buck. Sounds like my type of vacation.





Even though Thailand earns the rep of being a highly popular destination spot, Thailand is still reasonably cheap. There are budget hotel rooms that can cost up to 10$ a night if you choose to avoid the major hotels. Most of the cliché traveling spots can get a little expensive, but you can go on tours of the jungle, temples, etc for around $15! Also, all beaches are free. Enjoy the super clear waters, while relaxing like a King.


South Korea



Sure, South Korea seems like it would be really expensive to go to, but to be perfectly honest, it’s not that bad. Take in mind, that airfare will always be rather expensive, but you can easily travel throughout South Korea for fairly cheap. $1 would get you 1,149 Won which may sound like a lot of money, but you can easily pay for plenty of things with a few thousand won. A night out in Seoul with a full belly of Korean BBQ and drinks would run you about $20 to $30. Those deals are non-existent here in San Francisco. Not only does South Korea have a flashy nightlife and city experience, they are also well known for their beautiful countryside. It’s the best of both worlds.





Travelling to Morocco would be a place that will really put you out of your comfort zone, but once you submerse yourself in the culture and environment you will love it. The trick to paying less at Morocco is to avoid the classic tourist traps. You may see a large store selling kebabs and a salad for 10$, but go around the corner and you will find a local authentic eatery for about 2$. For 30$ a day you can stay at hostels or guesthouses, but for $50, you can stay at a riads. I had to look up what a riad is, but if Aladdin was offering his home on AirBnb that is what it would remind me of. A riad is technically a courtyard mini palace, and if I ever went to Morocco, I would definitely stay at a riad for a night or two.




Laos has such a relaxing ring to its name. After doing some research, Laos sounds like a blast, just waiting to happen. Have you ever heard of a tubing party? Well neither have I. In Laos, they have rivers that you literally just float down on an inflatable tube, and there will be bars and restaurants all along the river. You then pit stop at how ever many bars or restaurants you want, and then continue on your journey along the crystal clear rivers. Wow. Just imagine laying on my tube watching TV on my Slingplayer app. I’m going to have to wrap my phone in a Ziploc bag though, just to make sure I don’t mistakenly drop it. Also, if you want to see what else Laos has to offer on a more cultural side, you can visit the beautiful Buddhist monasteries or the mountain side that attract many tourists every year.

NBA playoffs crossing over the competition on our Slingbox list: Top 10 Sports

Basketball, basketball, and more basketball. Keep reading for a in depth summary of what has happened in the NBA playoffs this past week along with our honorable mention, the Kentucky Derby.

1. NBA: Warriors at Trail Blazers
2. SportsCenter
3. NBA: Spurs at Thunder
4. Inside the NBA
5. NBA: Cavaliers at Hawks
6. NBA: Thunder at Spurs
7. NBA: Raptors at Heat
8. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division
9. 142nd Kentucky Derby
10. NBA: Heat at Raptors

Let’s see. Where should I start? I will start with the East coast, and then transition to the best coast, I mean, West Coast. The Cavaliers are steam rolling their competition and coasts their way to the Eastern conference finals. The Raptors and Heat are still battling it out for that spot to take on the Cavs, but by the looks of things, I don’t think either team can beat them. Cavs in 5.

The West coast on the other hand, is way more interesting. The Warriors fought their way through the entire 1st and almost all of the 2nd round without their back-to-back winning MVP, Steph Curry aka The Baby Faced Assassin. Curry, coming back from a nasty injury, shook off the rust in Game 4 at Portland and proceeded to explode into human torch mode. He single handedly outscored the entire Portland team in overtime to bring the W back home to Oakland. Check below to see Curry work his magic in OT. The Spurs and Thunder have been grinding for the win, but after last night’s game, the Thunder are surprisingly up on wins against the Spurs 3 to 2.

The 142nd Kentucky Derby averaged more than 15.5 million viewers and Nyquist ran a near perfect race with an unofficial time of 2:01.31. Nyquist ended up winning the entire race, and Exaggerator placed a close second. Wow. I love these horse names.

Indiana Primary watched by Slingbox users: Top 10 Entertainment


The Indiana Primary makes it onto the Top 10 list, while Game of Thrones continues to hold power.

1. Game of Thrones
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. Today
4. Grey’s Anatomy
5. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
6. Indiana Primary
7. Empire
8. ABC News Good Morning America
9. The O’Reilly Factor
10. NCIS

Politics can be a very touchy subject, but considering that the Indiana Primary made it onto our list this past week, I will shed some light on it. First off, lets start with the winners. Donald Trump dominated the Republican primary with 57 delegates and 53.3% win over Ted Cruz and Kasich. Last week, Cruz stated that he would be dropping out of the race, and it is looking like Trump will be the Republican nominee for President. The Democratic Primary was a lot more intense of a battle, and Bernie Sanders took the slight edge over Hillary Clinton on this one. Sanders had 44 delegates to Clinton’s 39, and won with a 52.5% to Clinton’s 47.5%.

Will it be Bernie or Clinton? Who knows? What I do know is that last night’s Game of Thrones episode was awesome, per usual. And, in a way, this presidential election is reminding me a lot like America’s own game of thrones. Will it be House Trump, House Sanders, or House Clinton that will take the throne? We will have to wait and find out.

We’ll be back Wednesday with sports! Go Warriors!