Watch the exciting NBA playoffs with your Slingbox: Top 10 Sports


Playoff season is way too exciting! The only problem is…how am I supposed to watch these East coast games while I’m at work? Oh. Yeah…with a Slingbox. Now, I’m not saying you should use your Slingbox to watch your live sports while you are supposed to be working, but during a lunch break, now we’re talking. Sometimes I fire up the Slingplayer app and watch my live TV on my iPhone during lunch because it helps distract me from the soggy sandwich I am eating that I made the night before.

 Check out our top 10 list for sports this past week below.

  1. 2016 NFL Draft
  2. NBA: Trail Blazers at Warriors
  3. NBA: Thunder at Spurs
  4. SportsCenter
  5. Inside the NBA
  6. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division
  7. NASCAR Racing
  8. NBA: Hawks at Cavaliers
  9. NBA: Heat at Raptors
  10. NBA: Hornets at Heat

Since we talked about the NFL draft last week, I will talk about the biggest NBA Playoff games this past week. The Thunder played against the Spurs on Monday, and the ending was a complete disaster. While watching the last 13 seconds of the game, I noticed at least 5 fouls that should have been called but were not. It was a very controversial last few moments of the game, but the OKC Thunder narrowly escaped with a W by just 1 point. Monday’s win tied up the series at 1-1, and the Spurs will now have to fight the Thunder in OKC on Friday night at 6:30PM PT. If you are curious to see the last 13 seconds that I am talking about, watch it below. How many fouls can you count?

The Trailblazers played quite the game last night in Oakland. They were up big against the Warriors for pretty much the entire game. Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum were both hitting all of their shots, while the Warriors offense looked out of it. Then in the 4th quarter something changed, because all of a sudden the Dubbs started to come back. The Warriors played excellent defense and won the game by more than 10 points even though they were behind by 17 at one point in the game. The Warriors are known for their lockdown defense but they shut down Portland to only 12 points in the 4th, which is tied for the fewest points allowed in the 4th quarter of a playoff game in franchise history. Wow!

We’ll be back next week with more top tens!

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    No one cares. Fix the bugs and errors with your products.

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