NBA playoffs crossing over the competition on our Slingbox list: Top 10 Sports

Basketball, basketball, and more basketball. Keep reading for a in depth summary of what has happened in the NBA playoffs this past week along with our honorable mention, the Kentucky Derby.

1. NBA: Warriors at Trail Blazers
2. SportsCenter
3. NBA: Spurs at Thunder
4. Inside the NBA
5. NBA: Cavaliers at Hawks
6. NBA: Thunder at Spurs
7. NBA: Raptors at Heat
8. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division
9. 142nd Kentucky Derby
10. NBA: Heat at Raptors

Let’s see. Where should I start? I will start with the East coast, and then transition to the best coast, I mean, West Coast. The Cavaliers are steam rolling their competition and coasts their way to the Eastern conference finals. The Raptors and Heat are still battling it out for that spot to take on the Cavs, but by the looks of things, I don’t think either team can beat them. Cavs in 5.

The West coast on the other hand, is way more interesting. The Warriors fought their way through the entire 1st and almost all of the 2nd round without their back-to-back winning MVP, Steph Curry aka The Baby Faced Assassin. Curry, coming back from a nasty injury, shook off the rust in Game 4 at Portland and proceeded to explode into human torch mode. He single handedly outscored the entire Portland team in overtime to bring the W back home to Oakland. Check below to see Curry work his magic in OT. The Spurs and Thunder have been grinding for the win, but after last night’s game, the Thunder are surprisingly up on wins against the Spurs 3 to 2.

The 142nd Kentucky Derby averaged more than 15.5 million viewers and Nyquist ran a near perfect race with an unofficial time of 2:01.31. Nyquist ended up winning the entire race, and Exaggerator placed a close second. Wow. I love these horse names.

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